18 Things To Do With Old Computers That Still Work in 2021

Many individuals ask the inquiry What to do with an old computer that still operates in 2021?

Today, we will certainly share 18 ideas You Can Do With Your Old Computers or Monitor & you will certainly really feel complete satisfaction.

What you can do with your old computer that still operate in 2019What you can do with your old computer that still operate in 2019Although we can continue to use them, computers, whether configured or otherwise, experience obsolescence.

That is to say, eventually, they wind up working in a slower means, they quit being updatable and also some applications and also programs can not be installed or, if they are made, they will relocate with exasperating slowness.

In addition, devices and peripherals that will certainly not collaborate with our devices will show up. Or if they do, it will not be taking full advantage of its technological potential.

So, eventually, we wind up needing to transform the computer system, upgrade it, market it or recycle it. And specifically in this last section, that of reuse, there are extra opportunities than in the beginning you might believe.

What to do with an old computer that still works?

Here are some uses for your old computer, but probably find one more once you open the door to this possibility.

1. Mount A Multimedia Server

The connected house is still to find in its “home automation” feeling, however, regarding network connection is concerned, a multitude of gadgets currently have a Net connection, either by means of WiFi, wire or both. And also in addition, broadband links with extraordinary speeds thanks to fiber or 4G.

If you have a “Smart” TV or an Android TELEVISION, a set-top box or a console, it is feasible to transform the old computer into a multimedia content server for these gadgets. Even for our smart device if we mount any of the apps that enable this capability.

There are numerous proposals to do so. Generally, it has to do with installing a program that enables this performance in our old computer system linked to the neighborhood network in which our gadgets are incorporated.

One of them is Plex, although there are a lot more alternatives offered. Both Windows as well as Linux or Mac. We will not enter into the information of the actual arrangement of Plex, although it is one of the most full that can be discovered.

Certainly, it is required that you have saved the multimedia contents in the equipment where Plex is set up, either with outside or internal systems. The advantage is that you do not require several resources to make it work. Streaming transmissions are extremely optimized and it is not necessary to have “a machinist” to do well.

2. Turn The Monitor Into A Tv

One more possible use of a computer is like television. As opposed to utilizing it as a server, we can have it functioning as a screen. We can see the broadcasts of the streaming resources of the infinity of tv networks, of the telecom operators themselves or of others such as TED or YouTube, but directly watching them on the computer system itself.

You can likewise connect TV Receiver for PC to make it like Tv and can connect Wire or Meal TELEVISION with it.

The exact same can be said concerning photos or songs, for which we will certainly require the screen to be of top quality, as well as setting up good audio speakers if you did not currently have them.

Regardless is an usage that does not need too many resources, besides a Web connection, a web browser as well as a media gamer like Videolan. In the web browser, we can access streaming content both video clip and also sound.

3. Install Linux

Set up linux you can do with your old computerInstall linux you can do with your old computerGenerally, our computer will be working on Windows. An os that, in addition to being paid, consumes more resources than others such as Linux. If we do not wish to upgrade it to Windows 10 as well as under Windows XP, View or Windows 7 works badly, we can try to install Linux as an alternative.

Linux utilizes less system resources and has actually boosted a lot in terms of interface and also installation. There are many variations (or distributions). Among one of the most advised to install on our computer is Ubuntu. With Linux, we will certainly not have as many applications as in Windows, but enough to take on jobs such as mounting a multimedia server or making use of office applications or surf the Net with more ease than with Windows.

4. Give It To An NGO

Another opportunity is a contribution. There are companies that accept old equipment to convert it right into computer systems ideal for usage in schools or companies in developing countries, where they can not pay for the purchase of brand-new tools.

An instance is Ordenadores Wrong Fronteras, although it is likely that you will certainly find other companies doing comparable features in your city. As a whole, it is requested that the equipment is functioning, which is logical. If your devices does not work, it is much better than you choose to reuse it or recycle its elements.

5. With Peripherals And Disk Drives That Can No Longer Connect To New Ones

One more possible use an old computer is to be the accessibility door to the components of disk drives with interfaces (rather than SATA), or those of floppy disk drives.

New computer systems no longer utilize this kind of units as well as if you have content kept on flexible disks or disk drives with an identical interface, you will have to try to find life to access them. There are outside adapters, but if you have an old computer where you can tackle this task, the better.

The same can be claimed for peripherals that utilize parallel or serial ports, which are no more found on new computers.

6. To Write And Just Write

An old computer system can additionally be an excellent typewriter. Particularly in mix with some of those mechanical keyboards of the past, such as those of the IBM PC.

If you install a basic text cpu in Windows or Linux or make use of a cpu in the cloud, to devote just to composing, it is possible to achieve an exceptional degree of concentration in case you dedicate yourself to literary tasks.

And we will not tire of duplicating that the touch of those IBM keyboards 20 years earlier was simply unrepeatable.

7. To Sell It In The Future A Cuéntame

If you keep your computer in best problem as well as keep it operational, ideally with its original system, in a few years you may have in your possession incunabula with a high worth in enthusiasts circuits.

If you have one of those computers HP, Dell, IBM, Toshiba, Apple or Compaq of yesteryear, keep it as well as wait for the moment to pass. It is not a specific scientific research, however it might be possible in the future to offer it for an amount of money higher than the amount you purchased your purchase.

8. Discover How Technology Has Evolved

Sometimes you can additionally make use of an old computer to satisfy your inquisitiveness regarding the progress of technology. We will only need to see exactly how the efficiency of one of the most veteran group compares to that of a modern-day group.

Of course, we will need to use programs or applications that can be mounted on the old computer. So we will certainly seek 32-bit variations of Abandonware web pages for programs such as Photoshop, or benchmarking programs (performance measurement) in portals such as BenchmarkHQ, where you can select from numerous choices.

It is a little geeky use, but if you determine to make a comparison and also record it on the video to share it on YouTube or Facebook you may be shocked with the acceptance attained.

9. As A Decorative Element

Ornamental Element what To Do With Old Computers That Still Work in 2019Decorative Component what To Do With Old Computers That Still Work in 2019

This use might not be to everyone’s preference. But the truth is that a vintage element like a computer of days gone by can be attractive in an address or in a fashionable place with standard ambiance.

At home, with a little bit of manual dexterity, it is possible to transform a computer right into an attractive or useful aspect, in the same way, that traditional typewriter is used as an object of worship.

10. To Make A Work Of Art

One more possible use of an old computer system might be to end up being the pretense for creating an artwork. Whether in its whole as a computer system or as single pieces, be it the board, the cpu or even the key-board or the computer mouse.

Art is nourished by several sorts of material and also modern technology is one of them. The components of an old computer can be a starting point for work; as an example, an old screen, like the one seen in the picture extracted from a past edition of the Arco Fair.

11. From Parents To Children

An old computer system is likewise a good way to make the children get in the globe of technology. Of course, choose well the applications that will certainly make use of and configure an adult control system to avoid when they search online they find content not ideal for minors.

It is feasible to install a safety and security remedy such as Kaspersky Web Safety And Security or Kaspersky Total Amount Protection, which includes complete adult control choices. There are a lot more options from various other programmers of protection options.

12. To Mount A Video Game Console Retro

One more typical use an old computer system is the video game console. No more than installing an emulator, we can make the computer act like an entertainment equipment, or a computer system type Amstrad CPC 464, Range, Commodore, and more. You can likewise emulate portable gaming consoles such as Nintendo or desktop like Sega.

A great starting indicate begin configuring our imitated console is Emulatronia, where we will locate a total choice of resources to take the initial steps.

13. To Download Things (Legal)

The downloads are not prohibited in themselves. There are complimentary applications and also free material that we can download and install to see and also make use of on our computer system without breaking any type of regulation.

As an example, we can make a collection of pictures from NASA, download royalty-free songs, picture collections or perhaps motion pictures.

We can additionally download YouTube content with plugins for internet browsers such as Firefox. The opportunities are numerous as well as they do not have to be prohibited.

14. Save And Enjoy Your Photos

As well as additionally to modify them. There are straightforward and also effective audiences like IrfanView, which will certainly work well on an old computer as well as also let us modify the photos.

Utilizing an old computer system to save pictures, in any case, additionally needs a back-up policy for those pictures, ideally on a web server in the cloud using services such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Flickr or similar.

It is convenient to have all the photos easily accessible in your area to modify, watch or publish them, but in a computer with years of use, faults can not be eliminated.

15. Use As A Nas Solution

Specifically, we can make use of an out-of-date computer system to configure a network file server or NAS. There are applications that facilitate this job, such as FreeNAS, capable of transforming a COMPUTER right into a web server to save video clips, files, movies or photos, to name a few materials. Additionally, it permits you to set up the disks in RAID by combining a number of devices to include safety against equipment failings.

We will certainly need to set up several hard disk, nevertheless, to obtain optimal integrity from RAID configurations where the disks are used both to store information and to guarantee mistake resistance in 1 or 2 disk drives at a time.

16. To Reuse Components

If you have actually determined to purchase a brand-new computer, some elements of your computer system might be inherited from the old one. The power supply, the key-board, mouse, growth cards or perhaps the memory or the cpu, depending on the age, can assist us save some euros in the assembly of the brand-new COMPUTER.

It is also possible to utilize components as the resource for digital projects if we have knowledge of it. Or reuse followers or cooling systems.

17. To Recycle

It will certainly be entirely or partly. If we are not going to make use of the computer system any longer, whether it functions or otherwise, we need to remember that it is electronic tools as well as we need to take it to a clean factor to ensure that it can be eliminated without adversely affecting the setting.

The components of a computer system consist of toxic chemical substances and, on top of that, others that can be used to manufacture various other tools. It is possible to seek advice from the listing of neighboring tidy factors right here.

18. Share Your Computer With Crowdsourcing Projects

If the computer system works as well as you desire your computing power to be utilized for kind as well as study jobs, it is feasible to set up applications that precisely carry out concrete parts of significant computations in your computer system within a network of thousands or hundreds of hundreds of computer systems, so that behave like a supercomputer.

Among the best-known tasks is the look for extraterrestrial SETI, although in sites like BOINC you will discover a lot more alternatives for pharmaceutical calculations, physical, and more.

Certainly you will certainly find much more uses for your computer, yet we hope that these serve as well as work as inspiration.

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