benq xl2411z best 144hz gaming monitor front

BenQ XL2411Z Review – Best 144 hz Monitor overall

We had a difficult time choosing between the wealth of decent 144 hz monitors out there. So much choice. Whilst this asus 144hz monitor  was clearly worth an award, even though it's similarly priced, we jus...
ASUS VG248QE budget 144hz monitor front

Asus VG248QE Review – Best Budget 144hz Monitor

This is the most well established Asus 144hz monitor and also in our minds, still the best value hardcore gaming displays money can buy today. With a 1920 x 1080 monitor resolution and a 1ms response rate, ...
Acer XG270HU freesync gaming monitor front

Acer XG270HU Review – Best Freesync Monitor 2016

Before we begin our review of the Acer XG270HU, we need to clarify that we won't be explaining any of the technical jargon like 'WQHD' , 'freesync' or 'g-sync monitor' at any length in the review itself. He...