The best gaming monitor 2020

  1. Introduction

In this day and age, the influence of technology has been spread all throughout the world. From the biggest factories down to the smallest machines, we can see the impact it has brought down upon us. Today, technology has been running most of the world, one of them is the digital world. In this nature, our society loves to watch the newest episode of a TV series, the recently produced sequel for a movie, catch up with our favorite vlogger or channel or play the latest video game released by the biggest gaming companies ever established. And so, how can we enjoy these things even more? Easy, you need to see everything in HD! That’s right, in High Definition! We’ve started out using 144p resolutions up until 1080p. But in 2020, the dominance of the 4K Resolution in the digital world has been widespread. The 4K Resolution Movement is mainly involved in computer monitors. So we would like to help you figure out what is the best 4K monitor by giving you different options from the Top 10 Best 4k Monitor Reviews in 2020.

List of Top 10 Best 4K Monitor

10. ASUS MG28UQ 4K/UHD 28-Inch FreeSync Gaming Monitor

A lot of people have the passion to play video games, so they are looking for highly-detailed graphics, a robust connectivity and a smooth gameplay. ASUS has something for hardcore gamers and it is ASUS MG28UQ 4K. An Ultra High Definition 4K monitor that is equipped with Free-Sync technology.


–   Lightning Fast, Rapid Response Time

–  Robust Connectivity (Supports HDMI 2.0, USB 3.0)

–  Built-in Widget Software

–  Ergonomic Design

–  Flicker-Free Technology

–  Affordable


–    AMD Free Sync (NVIDIA users will not be able to maximize its capacity)

9. Acer S277HK

A 4k monitor with 27-inch screen size, 16:9 Aspect Ratio and an intensive brightness, contrast ratio, and color support. Acer has created a powerful monitor not just for gaming but all sorts of computer activity. With brightness up to 300 cd/m2, 1.07 billion supported colors and 100 million to 1 contrast ratio, this beast’s performance can compete well with different rivals and competitors.


–    Intensive Brightness, Contrast Ratio, and Color Support

–    Includes Built-in Speakers

–    Frameless Screen (Larger View)

–    Supports 2.0 HDMI Connections


–    No height adjustment feature

–    Cannot be mounted on the wall

–    No Built-in USB ports

  1. ASUS PA328Q 32-inch 4K Ultra HD ProArt Professional Monitor

The color accuracy, and precise hues from a computer monitor, these are some of the things we have to look for to be able to maximize our productivity. The ASUS PA328Q gives us these traits to ensure the best viewing and gaming experience.

Equipped with a professional grade 32-inch Ultra-High Definition display, its pixel density is four times larger than other Full HD monitors. Has been pre-calibrated and installed with industry-leading color accuracy. It has 100% sRGB and a huge color space support. It offers the finest details in 4K which may harm the viewers’ eyes, but its’ Eye-Care and Flicker-Free Technology ensures us that ASUS cares and they never want our eyes to suffering from all the effects of these technological advancements. It is also equipped with an ergonomic design, allowing us to tilt, swivel, pivot, perform height adjustments and mount it to the wall which helped in bagging the 2014 Red Dot Award.

Its unblemished UHD Visuals allows us to enjoy an expansive workspace and view media files with an astonishing 16:9 aspect. Designers, gamers, and filmmakers will surely love to be involved in witnessing this monitor’s ability to emit true-to-life color reproduction and authentic hues.


–    Verified Ergonomic Design (Supported With 2014 Red Dot Award)

–    Eye Care and Flicker-Free Technology

–    Factory Pre-calibrated

–    Allows Multi-tasking

–    User-friendly Features (5-way Navigation Joystick)

–    Installed With A Dedicated Processor


–    Not For Budget Builds

–    60 Hz Frame

–    No Free-Sync or G-Sync Technology

  1. Dell P2415Q 24-Inch UHD 4K Monitor

Rich colors, ultra-detailed resolution, this are just some of the best qualities Dell P2415Q has to offer. This 24-inch 4k monitor is made with premium-quality materials, BFR/PVC Free, no Arsenic content, and a Mercury-free LED Panel and supported with other recycled materials. This concept has been created to provide us with an Eco-Conscious design which can help save the environment. Another benefit of having this monitor is the capability of tilting your screen 5 degrees forward or 21 degrees backward, not only that, it has a height-adjustable stand and can also be mounted on a wall which can help us have the best-viewing quality. Whether you are a gamer, a photographer or a film editor, it is best to have exceptional screen quality. Through Dell P2415Q, creating a masterpiece is possible!


–    High Pixel Density

–    99% sRGB (Factory Tuned)

–    Enables Tilting

–    Height-Adjustable Stand

–    Comes With a Wall Mount Kit



–    Smaller than other 4K Monitor Models

–    Low Refresh Rate

–    No Built-in Speakers

  1. Dell UltraSharp UP3218K

If you think 4K Resolution is not enough for you, maybe it’s time for you to take it up by a notch? It might not be as dominant as 4K yet but an 8K Monitor is incredibly fantastic! This model has been considered as the first monitor to provide 7680 x 4320 native resolution. It is indeed a leader in innovation and has an unparalleled visual experience. To have a 4K Monitor for work or for gaming is a great boost, but to have this exceptional resolution is even a greater boost! Dell UltraSharp UP3218K is designed with smooth and accurate visuals. Every detail counts and shines as this monitor has 33.2 million pixel resolution and 280 PPI pixel density. Missing a single detail would really be almost impossible to happen.

This unmatched screen can provide us with a broad and a brilliant color spectrum which Color Professionals will surely love! Not only it provides a broad spectrum but it gives us the option to fine-tune the color parameters according to our preference. In support of its accurate color capability, this monitor has been crafted to perfection to create a fine, modern and dignified design. It also administers superb usability as the screen can be tilted, height-adjusted and pivot to your preferred viewing position.


–    Stunning Resolution

–    User-Friendly Design

–    Perfect for Photographers, Editors, and Filmmakers


–    Expensive, Expensive, Very Expensive!

–    Needs Powerful System Unit or Hardware

–    Prone to Overheating

  1. BenQ PD3200U

This 32-inch monitor is perfect for animators, designers, and other media professionals. With its sturdy design, it will surely last for a long time. This Ultra-HD visual machine provides us with a Dual-View function which grants design professional precision in color correcting, and brilliance in every work they produce. The BenQ PD3200U 4K monitor’s texture is optimized for visual effects, graphics, and photos, but that does not mean you cannot play games with it.

In using BenQ PD3200U, prepared to be impressed as Windows 10 works perfectly even at 4K, now you may be wondering if the icons and text readability would be low, favorably, this monitor scales perfectly even at the highest resolution! For some other monitors, you need to manually increase the scaling to have the best viewing quality which will cancel out some of the benefits given by BenQ PD3200U. Hook it up with a powerful system unit so you can maximize this monitor’s capability.


–    Large Screen (No Problem With Scaling)

–    Fair Price

–    Sturdy Design

–    Best For Animators, and Design Professionals


–    Simple Design focused on productivity and performance

–    Covers Huge Desk Space

–    No G-Sync or Free Sync Technology

  1. Samsung U28E590D 28-inch UHD 4k Monitor

A monitor that provides a billion colors and a stunning Ultra High Definition Resolution for an acceptable price, the Samsung U28E590D is the one you have to look for. This next-gen technology uses picture-in-picture technology which gives us the freedom to multi-task. You can literally put everything on one screen, whether you are working on an article, doing some accounting and even finishing a presentation. This 28-inch monitor takes our entertainment to an advanced height of captivation and comfort. Its AMD Free Sync technology fits perfectly for gamers who want the perfect image for their gameplay experience. Its maximum refresh rate may be lower as today’s 144Hz fever, but its 4K capability compensates for this setback.

On the other hand, The ‘Game Mode’ feature of this 4K monitor is the ability to adjust its settings and enhance the gaming experience. This improves the darkness, the shadows of the picture to see a clearer image. While this may cause eye fatigue, you can easily switch to “Eye Saver Mode” so that you can rest your precious retinas even when you still have to use your PC. Not only that, this monitor is equipped with the Flicker-Free Technology which grants a more comfortable viewing experience.


–    Picture-by-Picture(PBP): Allows 2 different input sources on one screen while maintaining the quality of the original source

–    AMD Free Sync Technology

–    Sophisticated Design

–    Seamless Connectivity with PC and AV Equipment

–    PIP 2.0: Multi-tasking Capability Through PBP’s Support

–    Can Be Used as a Gaming Television or a Computer Monitor


–    Hard To Find In The Market

–    60Hz Refresh Rate

–    AMD Free Sync Technology (Not Efficient With NVIDIA Users)

  1. ASUS PB287Q 28-Inch UHD 4K Monitor

For those who are always in front of a computer, it is a common effect to have eye fatigue. Staring at a computer screen for hours can be harmful to our eyes. So ASUS found a way for us to cope with it by developing the ASUS PB287Q Eye Care Monitor. A computer monitor designed to reduce the persistent flicker effect caused by LED technology.

Its impeccable Ultra-High Definition Visuals will surely take our viewing experience to astonishing levels. It brings over 8 million pixels which provide a precise and detailed visual that helps emit stunning image quality and give-off ultra-smooth user experience. This 4K Monitor has 300% more onscreen space than normal HD displays. This allows us to multi-task, whether you are in it for productivity or leisure.

The PB287Q appears with an ergonomic design that can be tilted (+20 degrees to -5 degrees), swiveled (+60 degrees – -60 degrees), and pivoted (90 degrees clockwise) to fit your preferred viewing position. You can also adjust its height (0 to 150mm) to meet an exceptional comfort while being productive.


–    EyeCare Technology (Flicker-Free)

–    1ms GTG Response Time

–    Easily Connect With Other Devices (HDMI, MHL, DisplayPort)

–    Ergonomic Design For Best Viewing Experience

–    Picture-in-Picture (PiP) and Picture-by-Picture (PbP) Equipped

–    Affordable


–    No Free-Sync or G-Sync Technology

–    60 Hz Refresh Rate

–    Simple Design

–    Does Not Support HDMI 2.0

  1. LG 27UD68-P 27-Inch UHD 4K IPS Monitor

The world of design, the gaming community, and the filmmakers’ associations are immensely involved in the competitive market for computer monitors. This is because of their vision to experience state-of-the-art viewing involvement or produce the best quality of output to be shared in the public eye.

Whether you are inclined to advanced gaming, professional design or film editing, it is a must for every monitor to have a superb detail, thanks to the Ultra-High Definition feature of LG 27UD68-P, it optimizes the color emission which assures us with superior graphics. Most of the time, gamers and designers are frustrated with image tearing and graphics glitches and so this monitor inhibits those things through the FreeSync technology it is equipped with. Nowadays, there are overpowered graphics cards which some monitors cannot keep up with and so, the LG 27UD68-P ensures seamless play and user experience through its UHD feature.


–    Refined Aesthetic Design

–    Free Sync Technology

–    Realistic Gaming Experience

–    User-Friendly Adjustable Settings

–    Can Be Tilted, Pivoted and Height-Adjusted According To Your Preferred Viewing Position

–    Supports HDMI 2.0


–    Slightly Expensive

–    60Hz Refresh Rate

  1. ASUS PA329Q 32-inch 4K Monitor with Eye Care ProArt

Save the best, and the most expensive among all the 4K Monitor Reviews last. The ASUS PA329Q 32-inch 4K Monitor with Eye Care ProArt is the best deal your money has to be sacrificed for! A 1-step higher for the PA328Q Model, this is indeed the better version.

The ASUS PA328Q 32-inch 4K Ultra HD ProArt Professional Monitor offers us high-tech features which are not available from the other models. One of the best features this model provides is the ability to customize and optimize its compatibility. Through the ASUS ProArt Calibration technology, it lets us save our preferred color profiles, switch between different presets by a simple touch of a key. This is not the perfect candidate for hardcore gamers but it surely provides great performance for professional use because of its ability to rotate 360 degrees. It also has Quantum Dot Technology for better color support. Photographers, colorists, graphic designers and film editors will surely love this model because of ASUS PA328Q’s High Color Fidelity.


–    Ability to customize and optimize compatibility.

–    Flicker-Free Technology

–    Ergonomic Design

–    Quantum Dot Technology

–    High Color Fidelity

–    Supports 2.0 HDMI Connections

–    360-degree rotation


–    60Hz Frame Rate (Less Attractive for Gamers)

–    Expensive

–    No Free-Sync or G-Sync Technology

III. What To Look For In a 4K Monitor

We have gone through the Top 10 Best 4K Monitor Reviews from the previous section but now it is time to equip ourselves with “What Should I Look For in a 4K Monitor?”

First of all, these computer monitors can be confusing because of the fact that all manufacturers sell them with almost the same features. Why is it that they have Free-Sync Technology, and others do not? What about the G-Sync feature? Why do I see NVIDIA and AMD Graphics Cards? These are all important words we have to take note of every time we expose ourselves to this part of the digital world. Whether you are a designer, a filmmaker, or a video-gamer, you will definitely come across a system-unit or most commonly known as CPU. So let us help you clear your mind and put all these pieces together by giving you some things you have to consider in looking for a 4K Monitor.

System Unit

Every 4K monitor needs a powerful system-unit to be able to maximize its capabilities. Whether you are a gamer, a video editor or a designer, then by now you are familiar with the importance of graphics cards. It is indeed a must for every user to know the most compatible model for each part of a system unit. So if you are planning to use an Ultra High Definition Monitor, then you must carefully pick the following parts for your system unit. To prevent incompatibility towards the parts you choose, you can ask for PCPartPicker’s help when you plan to build one.

–    Processor

–    CPU Cooler

–    Motherboard

–    RAM

–    Solid State Drive or Hard Disk Drive

–    Graphics Card

–    Power Supply

–    Case

Remember, these parts are what build a system unit, so prepare your budget, and check out some parts that are compatible with your preferred budget. Most importantly, choose those that are capable of supporting 4K or higher resolutions.

G Sync or FreeSync

Once you have built your system unit, you have to identify the brand of the graphics card (GPU) you will be using. Are you using a GPU from NVIDIA or AMD? Let me guide you through so you can maximize the potential of your graphics card by knowing which Syncing technology is perfect for it.

G Sync and Free-Sync are both created to provide smooth gameplay and prevent screen tearing. These phenomena are caused by misaligned frames the graphics card has been rendering per second and the refresh rate of your monitor. Sadly, these products of technology cannot be combined and you only have to choose one.

In basic terms, if you are using an AMD Graphics Card, you have to pick a monitor that has the Free-Sync technology, while if you are an NVIDIA user, go for G-Sync to be able to maximize the power of your GPU and your 4K Monitor.

Screen Size, Connectivity, and Refresh Rate

Now that you are familiar with the relationship between the graphics card and a UHD monitor, it is time to consider some of the fundamental characteristics of the best 4k monitor.

They say that size does not matter, it is all about the performance. But why not have the best of both worlds? In having a UHD monitor, the bigger screen size, the better! In choosing a 4K Monitor, you have to remember that any monitor smaller than 27 inches comes with more problems than those that are not. Basically, if you want to maximize the usefulness of your Ultra High Definition monitor, then you must stick to a bigger size and not smaller than 27”

For gamers, video editors, graphic designers, filmmakers or animators, we always bump into some connectivity issues whether we want to connect a single source to a monitor or multiple ones. By being able to determine some basic knowledge on how connectivity works, we can reduce these problems. In line with this, we often use Flash Drives, connect other devices to our monitor, and so in choosing the best 4k monitor, you have to consider the number of USB and DisplayPorts, does it support HDMI 2.0 connections? If you are satisfied with the availability of these things based on your preference, then, by all means, pick the best option your money can buy!

Lastly, a 4k monitor must have a reliable refresh rate. Whether you choose a Free-Sync or G-Sync monitor the most common refresh rate you can buy have 60Hz. Now if you are not a gamer, this is definitely the best option for you, but if you are a professional streamer or just a hardcore gamer, choosing a UHD monitor with Free-Sync or G-Sync technology that has 144Hz Refresh Rate is the best fit for your need!

  1. Conclusion

Overall, these 4k monitor reviews are somewhat a guide that you can use to expand your knowledge in the digital world. It is best to equip ourselves with important information to be able to maximize the potential we have as a gamer, a designer, a filmmaker or a content creator. Go over these reviews, make some more research before you buy your own 4k monitor for professional use or for gaming purposes.