Samsung S27E510CS Review - Best Cheap Curved Gaming Monitor
If curved is what you really want and don't have much budget, then this is your screen.
Gaming Performance8.5
Color Accuracy9.2
Grey Scale8.6
Viewing Angles9
Value for Money9
  • Excellent colors and vibrancy
  • Feels and looks as though it costs a lot more
  • The curved screen is really immersive
  • No DVI Port
  • Only 1yr warranty
8.8Overall Score

When Samsung and LG first introduced curved monitors to the consumer market, we have steadily seen cheaper and cheaper curved monitors.

So, next in our line up, lets take a look at our Samsung S27E510CS review. This screen is a follow-up to the beloved S27D590C and just to confuse you, this newer model is sometimes called the LS27E510CS and also the s27e510c – so be aware, these are all the same monitor. Quite why it has all these slightly different names is beyond us.

Technical Attributes

This is the main area where you will notice a difference between the monitor and it’s predecessor. The performance has changed drastically. The screen resolution however is unchanged, at a native resolution of 1920 x 1080. If you are an average gamer and you are looking for something that can be used on a day-to-day basis and can still deliver fantastic gaming performance, the 60Hz refresh rate is enough to play games, however if you are a pro gamer, you would definitely need a 144Hz refresh rate but it does have a respectable 4ms response time, higher than it’s predcessor. So whilst we wouldn’t have written a review for the old model, the Samsung S27E510CS is very well suited to average gamers and is a worthy winner.Samsung S27E510CS cheap curved gaming monitor side

One thing that has piqued our curiosity is the brightness level, which has been reduced from 300cd/m to 250cd/m. One would assume that this was done to accommodate the blue light reduction feature. The display has a base contrast ratio of 16:9 and an impressive 16.7 Million colors and a 3000:1 Static contrast ratio that really brings the picture to life.

Connectivity, Design and Features

At first glance you won’t see many changes to the styling of the new curved display from the older S27D590C and will notice that the curved T-Shape stand looks the same. When it comes to looks, you would almost be right. Samsung has stuck with the impressive-looking design and changed the color scheme and kept the whole display matt black. They Joypad style function button is still located on the back at the bottom right hand side. The base functions are still the same, but they have added a new “eye saver mode” that lowers the blue light emissions from the display. This makes the image less harsh on your eyes and allows for longer viewing. It also comes with a “Game Mode” that is familiar from the previous generation monitors.

The screen’s movements are still limited to an adjustable tilt action, with no telescopic or swivel option. This can be overcome as the monitor does allow for mounting, with easy-to-access VESA mounting holes.

The screen has also made quite a change in its connectivity as opposed to the opposition. They offer connectivity in the form of HDMI and VGA only. There is no display port and more importantly no DVI. This is strange, especially with most new display cards having more display ports and DVI ports than anything else. New middle- and high-end cards don’t even have a VGA port. Aside from the display connections, the monitor has a headphone jack and power connector.Samsung S27E510CS cheap curved gaming monitor back

It would seem that the lack of DVI and DP connectors would appeal to a broader market, as you can then connect a notebook or PC with onboard graphics to this display without having to purchase additional connectors and cables.

This display comes standard with Samsung’s 1 year warranty. It ships with a VGA cable and power cable, with the power block being external.

Final analysis

As our Samsung S27E510CS Review proves, when looking for a screen that looks great and really immerses you in whatever you are doing a curved display is definitely something you would want to consider. Typically in the past, a curved display has been a rather pricey affair. However the same cannot be said about the Samsung S27E510C. This display is remarkably cheap which makes it the best cheap curved monitor and definitely worth looking at if you are wanting to make the move to a surround display.

Not only are you getting an affordable monitor, but it comes from one of the most well respected brands. It is not often that you can associate the words cheap with quality however this is not the case here.