LG 4K UHD 27UD88 Review - Best Ultra HD 4K Gaming Monitor 2016
Awesome 4K picture quality AND a Fast gaming experience...who could want more? Undoubtedly one of the best monitors we've ever reviewed.
Gaming Performance8.8
Color Accuracy9.8
Grey Scale9.7
Viewing Angles9.2
Value for Money9.2
  • Colors, Greyscale...basically the picture quality all round. One of the best tested
  • Feature rich
  • Well built, stable
  • Hmmm....Price? I am truly pressed to find a disadvantage here, so going with price. Why can't it be $100!
9.4Overall Score

So happy to make this LG 4K UHD 27UD88 review. It’s definitely one of my favourite displays on the market right now and really is something special. Undoubtedly the best 4K IPS gaming monitor on the market in 2016 with a massive 3840×2160 resolution – The LG  27UD88 is breathtakingly absorbing.

As many of you know, when looking for the ultimate monitor, the new 4k monitors are on the top of everyone’s wish-list. However, it is hard to find a monitor that offers everything a gamer wants and also finds that balance of price vs performance.

With a huge list of the top dogs’ offerings when it comes to these screens, you can be overwhelmed with choices. However, the LG 4K UHD 27UD88 certainly stands out from the rest when comparing specs, price and practicality.

This is a 27-inch 4K monitor that offers something for everyone and even has some features that are designed specifically for gamers.

Technical Attributes

LG-4K-UHD-27UD88 Ultra HD 4K Gaming-Monitor review sideThis screen is not just a pretty face. With a 4k IPS display and a native resolution of 3840 x 2160 on a 27-inch screen the picture quality is perfect, as it shows 99% of the sRGB color index. So what you see in the picture is within 1% of the entire color spectrum.

Couple that with a five-million-to-one contrast ratio, 16:9 aspect ratio and 350cd/m2 brightness rating, you can enjoy amazing picture quality no matter what the surroundings are.

For gamers, the 4K UHD screen has a 60Hz refresh rate and a 5ms response time. Among the fastest performers in the 4K gaming monitor market. However, if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, it also has AMD’s FreeSync built in to eliminate ghost frames and frame tearing, so you will truly have the ultimate gaming experience. What more could you want from what is arguably the best 4K gaming monitor with IPS.

Design, Features and connectivity

LG has always made breathtaking monitors and TV’s. And with this addition to their family, nothing has changed. Starting from the silver curved base that offers great stability for this large screen and working your way up to the height adjustable neck that connects to the tilting connector,.The monitor also has a swivel so you can change the display to portrait if the need arises.

The screen itself has virtually no bezel and looks amazing, aside from the bottom bezel which houses the logo. The matt black front with the white back looks great and will suit a PC or Mac platform.

When it comes to features, LG have accommodated gamers to a whole new level. Not only will gamers have a great looking screen to play on, with amazing picture quality, but the monitor also has FreeSync built in to match the refresh rate of your graphics card.

It doesn’t stop there. It also has a dedicated gaming mode where you can choose between two different FPS modes and it even has a RTS mode so you can choose whichever mode works for you. Another feature that gamers will love is the Black Stabilizer built into the game modes. This will give you a major advantage in games with loads of dark scenarios, like Ark for instance.LG-4K-UHD-27UD88 Ultra HD 4K Gaming-Monitor review back

Other great features include an onscreen control panel which allows you to customize your display quickly with a few clicks of your mouse and a split screen feature that allows you to customize how your desktop space is used.

Connectivity-wise, you have a veritable buffet of choices. You can connect via one of the two HDMI connectors or Display ports. Something that will definitely make the tech guys happy is the C-Type USB port. It also sports 2 USB 3 ports that sport a quick charge feature and a headphone jack.

Final analysis

If you are in the market for a screen that is mind bogglingly amazing in every way then look no further. As our LG 4K UHD 27UD88 Review shows, this sub-$660 screen looks amazing and will improve the look of any desk. And even though this is only a 27-inch display, it still manages a 4K resolution so you have that awesome picture quality which also helps to future proof your system.

With features that will make gamers happy in every aspect and still be appealing to the average user, this monitor strikes the perfect balance and definitely will live up to LG’s high reputation.

The screen ships with the standard power adaptor, an HDMI cable, Display port Cable and both a USB C-Type cable and a C-Type to A-type cable. The standard CD with manuals is also included. Generally you don’t see monitors shipped with all the needed cables, and it really is fantastic that LG didn’t skimp on these. It adds a nice touch and saves you the hassle of having to purchase additional cables.

It would have been nice to see a longer warranty period on this display, as it only ships with a one-year warranty on parts and labor. Most monitors in this price range ship with a three year standard, but I guess the one year will have to do.