HP Pavilion 22xw Review - Best Cheap IPS Gaming Monitor
If you're looking for the best gaming monitor for the cheapest possible price, then this is it!
Gaming Performance8.2
Color Accuracy8.3
Grey Scale8.6
Viewing Angles8.8
Value for Money9.9
  • Price! can't beat it
  • Looks awesome on or off
  • Well built, looks way more expensive than it is
  • Standard equipment like HDMI cable not supplied to keep costs down
  • No speakers
8.8Overall Score

A very deserving winner here. No other gaming monitor comes close to offering the specs of the HP Pavilion 22xw at such an unbelievable good price.

This cheap IPS monitor really is stupendous value for money for what it offers. Its even gone through a price reduction whilst writing this review! The HP Pavilion is also one of the cheapest 1920 x 1080 Monitor with these stats on the market right now.

Most casual gamers require a decent monitor without a massive price tag and this is the one they’re looking for. As you will read in our HP Pavilion 22xw review, value for money definitely doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on quality and hardware.


Technical Attributes

What good is a display that looks great but lacks in the performance department? Well the HP 22XW monitor definitely is in a class of its own considering the low price tag. With a Full HD display and a native resolution of 1920×1080 on a cheap IPS monitor, it gives excellent picture quality. Another benefit of an IPS display is that the image is crystal clear no matter what angle you look at it from.HP 22xw cheap gaming monitor side

The screen is lit by LED and you get little to no colour bleeding around the edges. With a 250cd/m brightness it can give off clear images even in a sun-filled room. With a 7ms response time and a standard 60Hz refresh rate you won’t notice any ghosting on games or blue-ray movies, however you will need v-Sync on to avoid the flickering or frame shuddering. Also the monitor is a light-weight and we don’t mean in terms of ability. It tops the scales at only 7.8 pounds so it’s easy to move around.

Design, features and connections

The futuristic design and look of this monitor will improve your PC area tenfold just by sitting on the desk. It really is a good looking screen. The flow of the monitor from the base to the neck and the way the monitor curves at the back will make you want to be seen with this screen without people knowing it is such a cheap screen.

With the choice of a black or white finish, you can complement the rest of your setup with either or. Personally I prefer the white which gives off a crisp lab feel. The IPS panel is surrounded by a thin border aside from the bottom border which is thicker. The bottom border houses the HP logo with the power indicator light. The function keys are located on the under panel on the bottom right hand side. They are easy to access and the stand is sturdy enough to not wobble or fall over when using the function buttons.

The screen has limited movement and only offers a tilt option however this is more than sufficient if seated in front of it as the height is perfect. It has a few clever tricks up its sleeve too. The screen is an antiglare screen and also offers HP Enhance plus which gives a crisp clear image. The screen is also Energy Start certified so it helps save the planet from nasty pollution while you save the universe from the next invasion on your favorite gaming titles. The functions buttons give you access to the settings that can change color correction and additional options to make sure your settings are perfect for what you need them to be.HP 22xw cheap gaming monitor back

One thing that would have been nice to see in this monitor is built in speakers. For day to day tasks they can be handy. Unfortunately HP deemed it as a non-essential and we would assume they did this to make this monitor so affordable.

The screen makes use of VGA and HDMI input. This not only makes it suitable for gamers but also makes it suitable for anyone else looking for a decent monitor that might not be a gamer.

The monitor ships with the power cord, VGA cord and user manual/Utilities CD. We would have liked to have seen an HDMI cable shipped with this monitor however they are cheap and easy to pick up. The screen also comes with a standard one year warranty.

Final analysis

When looking at a cheap full HD monitor of this nature it can be hard to look at other displays on the market that are geared towards FPS players that have higher refresh rates and lower response times. However I think our HP Pavilion 22xw Review shows that nothing comes close to this monitor when you attach the price tag. With the features and technology behind the screen, at a breathtaking price, it is easy to label this as the best cheap monitor on the market. If budget is your priority, you need look no further.