How to Play 4k Video on PC or Mac (Ultra HD) | Hardware Software Requirements

Videos in 4K resolution have long been a claim in the sale of tvs, but just how to play a 4K video clip on a COMPUTER Laptop Computer or Mac? We tell you what minimum needs you need to satisfy

The video in 4K resolution (4096 × 2160 pixels) is for some years one of the fantastic business insurance claims of the market. However, while playing 4K on television is relatively simple, doing it on a computer is not a lot today;

  1. Firstly because there is not as much content of this kind available to the public as it may appear, and also
  2. Secondly, due to the fact that The equipment requirements of your COMPUTER are no small thing, although as we will see for basic things you do not require a big machine as well as some focus to the compatibility between the different components needed.

If your PC does not have the minimum demands, the only thing that you will certainly accomplish when opening up the video clip will certainly be stress with interruptions, hold-ups, audios that get out of control as well as a thousand issues that can get you out of your boxes.


It deserves clearing up that if your computer system is currently a couple of years of ages or simply it as specifications and also you just have software program compatible with 4K video clips, no matter just how much support its developers reveal, it is best to forget it, get a committed outside gamer or most likely to your computer system elements save to update the ins and outs of your device.

Requirements to watch 4K videos in Windows or Mac

Before beginning we should make some explanations:

  • 4K and UHD are different things that are often confused The 4K video clip has a resolution of 4096 × 2160 pixels and also is the one made use of in the movie market. The UHD has a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels, exact same height but the size is smaller and is the type of video that is transmitted on tv.
  • HDR: In Addition To 4K or UHD technology an additional principle to take into consideration is the HDR. This innovation allows increasing greatly the variety of shades that a panel has the ability to use by enhancing the little bit deepness approximately 10 or even 12 little bits relying on the type of HDR made use of.

Presently, there are 3 various types HDR, I currently discuss it in a separate post.

Why are these principles crucial? Since depending on the type of documents you want to recreate, its attributes as well as your passions, you will certainly need your equipment to be one or the various other. Playing 4K 8-bit videos is the “very easy” component, however if you’re seeking the greatest possible top quality by playing 4K videos with HDR in lots of frameworks, your parts must work.

The UHD video for us to understand has 4 times a lot more resolution than HD videos. It’s as if you had 4 HD displays on the same display to state it in a colloquial method.

4K video includes some pixels horizontally to that setup, although you should understand that makers deal with both equally.

Advantage? More clear as well as higher quality photos with 4 times more pixels.
Disadvantages? It needs much greater handling capacity. What elements of your COMPUTER should you focus on in order to enjoy 4K video clips?

4K Monitor Screen

You will certainly need a monitor screen that supports the 4K resolution, either the COMPUTER Monitor or a TELEVISION. On top of that, you will certainly need to link the screen to your computer utilizing HDMI 2.0 wire if you wish to desire more than just 8 bits of color in innovative configurations.

This type of displays are much more expensive than normal, but they are vital if we intend to enjoy all the opportunities of this resolution.

If you do not have a monitor of this kind you can play 4K video clips, yet certainly, you will not appreciate all the advantages it offers in regards to picture top quality.

You can gain from some points like the renovation of antialiasing or the least compression when playing YouTube video clips, but you can not play 4K video clip with all the enhancements it provides as well as with all its possibilities.

Graphics Card

The graphics card is the second vital component in the equation, and it is not recommended simply one, however a premium NVIDIA, coming from the GeForce GTX household (GeForce GTX 970 as well as up).

However, with integrated cards of the most up to date devices from this business, it may be sufficient considering that they integrate support to recreate 4K at 60hz. It is essential that the graphics card supports that resolution as well as is compatible with the codecs utilized today to see this type of content: H265/ HEVC and also GoogleVP9.

If your card is not able to translate these codecs you have an issue since all the workload will be carried by your CPU and that will probably create issues unless you have a processor beast.

Perhaps to see the video you deserve numerous versions as we have actually seen, however to appreciate a complete experience in various other usages such as video games you will need the high array.

It goes without saying, if you mean to utilize HDR 10 you will certainly require to pay unique focus to ensure that your card is compatible keeping that depth of color bits.

Processor (CPU For 4K)

Pertaining to the processor, the recommendation is an i5 or greater. Additionally, an i3 if they are from the Kaby Lake family, with the ability of decoding HEVC by 10-bit equipment with the incorporated GPU.

What occurs is that depending upon the power and also qualities of your GPU you will have the ability to release more or fewer CPU refines to open these data making most of the job fall back to the very first. Consequently you do not require an extremely premium CPU as long as the GPU you use, whether dedicated or integrated, has support for the HEVC codec in the little bit deepness you want.

If you do not have any one of the two things prepare to suffer all type of troubles when you offer the play of your player. You can constantly close all energetic processes and also attempt to focus all the handling ability of your team in the recreation of that video clip, however you will rarely achieve a satisfying experience.

HDMI Cable

All the parts of the chain need to be compatible with 4K and the cable television to attach your COMPUTER to the 4K display could not be less. HDMI is compatible with 4K because version 1.4, yet there is an issue: it is restricted to 25 or 30 fps per 2nd, which stands for watching movies yet not so much to take pleasure in video games in 4K or various other videos with unexpected activities.

If you actually intend to maximize your choices, you’ll need to obtain an HDMI 2.0 cord, where the framework rate increases to 60 and also the transfer price goes from 10.2 Gbps to 18 Gbps.


Depend on that you need at least 4GB of RAM, but if you are seeking one of the most fluid and secure 8GB experience, they are excellent. From then on you will have no worry to recreate this type of material.

The Software Requirement to Play 4K videos on PC or Mac

Among the media players in a software format that we can discover today, there are currently several with assistance for 4K video clips. The very same integrated Windows 10 player may be your first choice, but other players such as the renowned VLC (has been the last to integrate support for the codec) or 5K Gamer can likewise manage this type of documents easily. Nevertheless, among one of the most prominent gamers among the routine customers of this sort of content is MPC-HC, the gamer that is dispersed together with the K-Lite Codec Pack.

If you are convinced that your hardware is not a problem and also you believe your software player is creating all your ills, try this.

Remember if the picked player already incorporates all the required codecs or if you require to do with them on the other hand as well as additionally the setup of the software application that you make use of. In particular players, you will certainly need to manually turn on the hardware decoding of your GPU in its choices since it is not active by default.

Incidentally, recently we released a short article with the very best video clip players for Windows where 4K support was one of the factors that we desired, in case you want to take a look to select your Trojan horse in these matters.

Where to get 4K videos?

As we pointed out at the start of the short article in passing, 4K content is not easily obtainable, and also depending on its origin you could need to pay attention to other equipment requirements and also even needs of your Web link. Allow’s examine the rest of the points required to watch 4K video clips:.

4K Files.

A basic and also evident point: you need 4K videos. As well as the truth is that there are still very few places to locate them. In YouTube, for example, you have a certain area of videos of this type. From there you can attempt to search with your common torrent customer, where the 4K web content available for download expands bit by bit thanks to the splitting of the AACS 2.0 protection, the DDRM security system utilized by Blu-ray 4K discs.

You can additionally attempt to obtain a UHD Blu-ray player for original discs, yet there are very few on the marketplace. Do not discard your very own videos either: some video cameras, even smart devices, are capable of tape-recording in this high quality.


On what kind of hard disk do you keep your motion pictures? The resolution 4K indicates that the files are rather hefty, so they are not light files that we claim. The type of hard drive in which you keep that material can also be crucial when it pertains to replicating it: the speed of access to an SSD is not the like that of a SATA hard drive of a life time.

To read the movie appropriately you need your hard drive to be quickly sufficient, so it has one that works at 7200 rpm at the very least. If you have an SSD disk better than better.

Internet connection/ Wifi

Where is the 4K content that you want to use the COMPUTER? We have currently seen what things to keep in mind if you store it in your area on your hard drive, but if you intend to make use of online streaming platforms such as Netflix, where content streaming is offered in this quality, you need your Net link to be a good bandwidth.

In fact, when it comes to the streaming of this system, you will require that your PC not only can translate HEDV, however that it does it to 10 bits. Remember that streaming 4K material below is just offered in the most costly registration package. In Windows, you need the Windows 10 Netflix application or the Microsoft Edge browser.

Usually, various other systems will certainly integrate this alternative quickly, so examining the transmission capacity of your agreement could be critical to appreciate the 4K in conditions.

Our recommendations to watch the video in 4K on PC or Mac

Once examined all the necessary components to see 4K video clips in Windows, how concerning a streamlined summary? Right here is our crucial list of advisable tools, this is all you need to ensure that your machine does not pass away in the effort to play the current 4K and also UHD movies:.

  • Screen suitable with 4K as well as an HDMI 2.0 cable.
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 graphics card onwards.
  • Cpu i5 (or i3 of the Kaby Lake family members) or higher and also at the very least 8GB of RAM.
  • Media player with assistance for 4K and all upgraded codecs.
  • SSD hard disk or an excellent Net connection with a transmission capacity of at least 25 Mbps per secondly.

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