As you can see from the pictures, this is one beautifully crafted display… But does the Dell U3415W have the technical abilities to match?

With a native resolution of 3440 x 1440 and a refresh rate of 60Hz it leaves you wanting for nothing from this 4K curved monitor. It has a 5ms response time so for most gamers and general users that will be sufficient with very little ghosting or image lag.Dell U3415W curved monitor top

The IPS screen gives great crisp image quality and is viewable from pretty much any angle so showing this monitor off will be easy. Another great bit is the anti-glare screen so even during the day with the sun beaming in, you will still be able to enjoy the screen to the fullest.

You would also think that a display this size would draw plenty of power but surprisingly it’s actually one of the lowest for screens this size. So it’s safe for our little blue planet and will keep you hooked without needing its own power station.

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Design, Features and connectivity

Presence is everything. When this screen sits on your desk it just pulls every eye in the room towards it. It is really something to look at. Starting from the simple yet elegant base that is sturdy enough to hold the mammoth display down and keep it from wobbling around, is a silver stand that houses a swivel that gives you up to 60 degrees of movement to play with. Connected to that is a neat and clean neck that although doesn’t have a telescopic arm is still high enough to be at eye level on your desk sitting at 4.5 inches.

The neck connects to the screen that despite the screens size, still has a tilt option allowing for a 26 degree movement and also has a space for the connecting cables to slide through keeping everything looking neat. The screen itself is massive. And the thin bezel around the edge of the screen makes it look at least a third bigger than what it actually is.

The bottom bezel holds the modest size Dell badge and also houses the function buttons which are easy to access and doesn’t take massive amounts of pressure to use them.Dell U3415W curved monitor back

When it comes to features this screen is packed with them. Starting with the screen size you have so much space to work with that allows you to have more open and access multiple pages at once without having to strain your eyes reading small text. When accessing the onboard functions through the function keys, you have access to all the normal image settings. It has a range of preset settings that can be easily accessed. They include the standard setting, one for multimedia and movies, one for games and then an option to adjust the color temperature and then to change the options and customize them to your preferences.

The screen does offer onboard speakers which are great but don’t expect to throw a house party with them. The sound is crisp and clear but has little bass. So for movies and multimedia it is sufficient but for gaming and music you will probably want something with more bass.

With regards to connecting to the massive screen you have plenty of options that you can choose from. Starting with a mini-display port and an HDMI connector, you also get two display ports of which one is an output display port allowing you to connect additional displays for a multi-display setup. It has an audio out as well as 6 USB 3 slots.

The screen ships with an impressive 3 year warranty and both a HDMI cable, Mini Display port cable and a upstream USB cable.

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Final analysis

When considering everything in our Dell U3415W review – you really can’t fault us for calling it the best curved gaming monitor of 2016. The only drawback on this screen is the price tag. Its a high price to pay, but if you’re looking for a WQHD Monitor will total game immersion that the curved screen offers, then this is the price you’ve gotta pay. Take it from me, it is most definitely worth every cent. With great features and all that tech, it’s something that should be on the top of your wish list.

And while LG’s line of large curved screens are great and are similar they simply not cut from the same cloth. This is by far the better choice when looking for a large curved monitor.