Dell UP3017Q OLED Review - BEST UHD 4K OLED Gaming Monitor
The best Monitor in the world right now. OLED is most certainly the future when it comes to the best gaming monitors
Gaming Performance9.7
Color Accuracy9.7
Grey Scale9.7
Viewing Angles9.6
Value for Money7.9
  • The best Monitor in the world right now
  • Amazing picture quality AND gaming ability - The future is here!
  • Very well built...what you'd expect at this end of the price bracket
  • Well...The price. It isn't cheap, and it will come down as OLED becomes more not the right time to buy?
9.5Overall Score

If you are like us and love the latest and greatest tech then keep reading our review of the Dell UP3017Q OLED Monitor. If you are in the market for the best of the best then you definitely need to look at this new Dell OLED display.

Generally you can’t have anything above 60Hz on 4K IPS panels. The TN panels used to be the only one that offered up to 144Hz refresh rate. And you had to suffer with lower picture quality from the TN panels.

Well with the new offering from Dell that is a thing of the past. The new Dell UP3017Q OLED gaming monitor has it all including the massive price tag.

Technical Attributes

When talking about the performance of monitors, they generally offer the same specs depending on what you are looking for. If you are an avid gamer the TN panels are preferred with the high refresh rate and low response time. But the IPS displays give a better image. With the 4K OLED screen however we see something different. This has taken the best bits from both worlds and compressed them into every gamers heaven.Dell UP3017Q Review - OLED GAMING MONITOR side

We have a screen that boasts 1.07 Billion colors, has a native resolution of 3840×2160 and that has great viewing angles. Now normally this would be accompanied by a 5ms response time and a 60Hz refresh rate. Not in this case.

This monitor comes with an electrifying 0.1ms response time and a 120Hz refresh rate. If you are a gamer owning this monitor would literally be the best you can do.

But it doesn’t stop there either as you would generally have to be happy with a 5000:1 contrast ratio. But again not in this case. This monitor has an astounding 400 000:1 static contrast ration.

With the above in mind, you will never have any issues with ghosting or frame tearing/shuddering. You will have a constant, smooth image that will blow away any other monitor.

Design, Features and connectivity


Dell have never made monitors that stand out. They have always been functional and practical but lack flair and the “wow” factor. The 30-inch monitor definitely has a wow factor. However it is still business as usual. The monitor is very good looking and grabs your attention no matter the angle you are looking at it from. Although the monitor doesn’t have racing strips and colorful logos splashed all over it, the UP3017Q display is simplistic yet amazing to look at.

Dell UP3017Q Review - OLED GAMING MONITOR backThe base is thin and houses the swivel and the thin neck that has a decent size hole to allow cables to flow through it. The screen has virtually no boarder and a very discrete Dell logo in the middle of the bottom bezel. It has a decent amount of tilt so you can always get this monitor into a position to suit your needs and it even features a portrait option, however it doesn’t switch the desktop automatically which would have been nice considering the price tag. The two-tone back looks great too. The function buttons are located on the bottom panel and are easy to access and you can press them firmly without the monitor falling over.

Features wise Dell have kept it simple. The function keys give you access to the usual brightness, default modes and other screen settings. They are simple to navigate through and allow you to customize your image rather easily. The Dell UP3017Q also has a pixel shifting algorithm that prevents burn in and also they have built in an image sensor that will automatically turn the monitor off when not in use to preserver the OLED display and extend the screens life.

Connecting to the UP3017Q is easy with the options of an HDMI connector or connecting via a Mini Display Port. The monitor also is fitted with the latest USB Type-C connector. This is a great feature that we are seeing in the high end display sector. Can’t wait for the lower priced gaming monitors to catch up.

Dell warranties are fantastic and the help they offer is always quick. This Dell OLED Monitor comes standard with a three year warranty but can vary depending on your country.

Final analysis

This monitor not only opens a lot of doors but also poses a very important question. In one sense we are seeing technology move forward and hopefully will be adopted by other vendors and we will see leaps and strides in the monitor world with more screens coming out with C-Type USB connectors and screens that don’t sacrifice image quality for speed.

As you can see in our Dell UP3017Q OLED Review – On the other hand we have this amazing monitor and the only thing more amazing that the monitor is the price tag. That being said, OLED is a relatively new technology – so the price should start to drop over the coming years to something more affordable.

However , if you have the money now and only want the best – then from a purely tech standpoint, this is without question the best possible gaming monitor in the world right now.