7+ Best 1440p 144hz Monitor Under 300 | Definitive Guide 2021

As PCs as well as video game displays became much more effective, the fight between faster refresh rates as well as higher resolutions came to be constant.

However to get the very best resolution at the best refresh price, you require an extremely effective PC that runs out grab the majority of people. Nevertheless, when it comes to locating a balance between fluid motion and high-resolution graphics, the 144 Hz-1440p regularity has actually looked like among the most typical setups.

It’s practically twice as many pixels as a basic 1080p screen, providing a higher degree of detail and the motion is wonderful thanks to the quick refresh regularity.

Best 1440p 144hz Monitor Under 300

We have examined over 7+ screens and have selected the most effective 1440p 144Hz screens under 300 budget below. Also, take a look at our referrals for the best screens on Xbox One, the most effective monitors on PS4, the best G-SYNC displays, as well as the best monitors for COMPUTER video games.

Samsung Odyssey G5 is a good reduced budget video game monitor. Like its bro, the Samsung Odyssey G7, it has a resolution of 1440p as well as is readily available in 2 dimensions, one 27-inch, as well as one 32-inch. It has a high contrast proportion that creates deep black, yet it is not bright sufficient to get rid of extreme glow, making it ideal for dark or brilliant spaces. With rapid feedback times, high refresh prices, as well as reduced input lag, it provides a smooth and also responsive pc gaming experience.

In addition, it supports free sync and also works with G-SYNC. Regrettably, its checking out angle is less than typical and its functional designs are poor. As a result, it is not the best choice for joint video games and also content sharing. Additionally, even if HDR is sustained, the peak brightness is low as well as it is not possible to present a vast array of shades.


Seen from the front, the Samsung Odyssey G5 resembles its older bro, the Samsung Odyssey G7, with thin borders as well as wide V-shaped assistance on three sides. But the rear looks very low-cost as a result of its little base assistance, so it’s extremely different. It likewise does not include the RGB lighting existing in the G7.

The support feet are wide, yet relatively slim, leaving you excellent workplace. It’s constructed from low-cost plastic and also totters a whole lot.

Comfort designs is awful. Just enables narrow adjustments.

The rear of the display is a plastic appearance. All inputs are facing down as well as there is a path on top of the cable television management support. No tools are required to mount support. This is established with a click.

The Samsung Odyssey G5 has slim sides and a thick reduced bezel on 3 sides. They are not humiliated.

The monitor is very thick due to the curvature of the display and the support sticks out a little to the back.

The build high quality of the Samsung G5 Odyssey is suitable. It’s made entirely of plastic, but on the whole it’s fairly robust. Nevertheless, the VESA installing holes do not match the center of mass of the screen, as well as when installed on the VESA install, the display tilts downwards. Tilt hinges tilt the screen to the minimum tilt angle as well as are not solid enough to hold the screen in place. Assistance looks cheap, easy to install, however hard to remove.

Performance & Features:

The Samsung Odyssey G5 has an unusually low input lag, but when dipped into 60 Hz it is substantially higher. We gauged the input lag in 10-bit HDR at 60 Hz due to the fact that it is the highest refresh rate possible with an HDMI link when transmitting a 10-bit signal and also we can not gauge the input lag in HDR with a DisplayPort connection. For DisplayPort, the optimum 10-bit refresh rate is 144 Hz.

The Samsung Odyssey G5 has excellent resolution as well as is offered in 2 dimensions, 27 and 32 inches. The 32-inch version can offer a much more immersive video gaming experience, yet with a slightly reduced pixel thickness, specifically if you intend to make use of the screen for work or wish to rest close.

During screening, I discovered that the monitor’s OSD did not show the active refresh rate, only the optimum refresh price. This suggests that even if you establish the refresh rate to 60 Hz in the graphics card control panel, the on-screen menu will present 144 Hz.

Samsung Odyssey G5 has a good comparison ratio. It’s somewhat more than if you promoted a 2500: 1 proportion, however the comparison might vary from video camera to cam.

The Samsung G5 Odyssey has a suitable modern SDR brightness. Brightness is very uniform for different content, with the exception of the 2% window produced by dimming the picture. Nevertheless, it is not bright sufficient to overcome extreme glow and also is suitable for dark or medium-light areas.

The brightness of top HDR is unsatisfactory. Brightness is not enough to highlight the high lights of HDR material, and also like SDR, 2% of home windows are low. Samsung’s website has a symbol showing VESA HDR600 qualification, but this might be a blunder as the brightness comes close to 600 CD/ m2.

The Samsung Odyssey G5 has acceptable accuracy, but it may vary from device to gadget. There show up errors in some colors and tones of gray. The majority of scenes appear darker than anticipated since gamma does not adhere to the sRGB curve in all. The color temperature is a little chillier than the 6500K target, giving it a slightly bluish tint.

The accuracy after calibration is extraordinary. The white equilibrium is practically best as well as the shade temperature level is nearly on target. There are still some color errors, yet they are really tough to locate. Gamma is much better. Nonetheless, extremely dark and very brilliant scenes are extremely slim.

You can download and install the ICC account calibration here. This is given as a reference only and also needs to not be made use of, as the calibration values differ from device to unit, even for the exact same design as a result of making tolerances.

The Samsung G5 Odyssey has a wide variety of SDR shades. It gives superb coverage of the sRVB shade space used for the majority of material and decent coverage of Adobe’s RGB color room used for picture modifying.

A decent volume of SDR shades. Dark colors can be shown relatively well, but intense colors are difficult to generate.

Samsung Odyssey G5 shows no indications of photo retention, even after presenting a really different photo for 10 minutes. Nonetheless, it may vary from gadget to gadget.

Slope handling is wonderful. Dark shades of grey, red, and green have a handful of stripes, yet they are not noticeable in the majority of content.


Samsung G5 Odyssey natively sustains FreeSync to decrease display splits. It’s additionally suitable with NVIDIA’s G-SYNC but just works with a DisplayPort link.

The solitary joystick is located in the facility of the framework, just below the Samsung brand. You can transform the display on and off as well as move the menu on the screen.


  • High resolution and big screen size.
  • Fast response time.
  • Good contrast ratio.
  • High refresh rate.


  • It doesn’t get very bright.
  • Poor ergonomics.

Bottom Line:

Samsung Odyssey G5 is a great video game monitor. It has a huge display and also high resolution, perfect for playing mood games like RPG. It has a high refresh rate and also fast feedback time to ensure that quick movements look clear and also soft like butter. So the activity monitoring is great. It has extremely low input lag and sustains variable refresh price innovation to lower display tearing.

The AOC CQ27G1 is a 27-inch, 1440p bent display. It’s a fantastic option for the video game thanks to its incredibly reduced entry time as well as fast reaction time that enables clear motions. Sustains FreeSync’s variable refresh rate (VRR) technology to reduce screen tears in games. The VA panel has an excellent contrast proportion that converts to deep black, yet this is mediocre and also is done at the expenditure of the checking out angle, which lowers the precision of the image from the side.

The absence of HDR assistance might dissatisfy some people, but it has remarkable color precision and also displays a very large range of SDR shades. Fighting glare in the majority of rooms isn’t extremely intense, yet it’s highly reflective and can be played in medium-heat spaces.


The AOC CQ27G1 has a black finish and a somewhat red player-friendly search the front, back, and pits. It also has thin glasses on 3 sides.

Comfort designs is great. Although the AOC CQ27G1 has a broad swivel array, it has a restricted tilt array as well as, like the majority of rounded monitors, can not be put in longitudinal setting.

The rear of the AOC CQ27G1 has a player-friendly style. It can be attached to VESA and is outfitted with a rapid tightening up system. Cable television monitoring is provided by support.
The slim edges make it optimal for multi-monitor setups.

AOC CQ27G1 has excellent manufacturing top quality. It is made entirely of plastic and also will be solid. It’s not really adaptable other than near the entrance, as well as the collar does not bend. Nonetheless, there is a little area between the lower bezel as well as the back, yet generally it’s well built.

Performance & Features:

The AOC CQ27G1 has excellent resolution. The 27-inch screen has sufficient space to open several windows, and also the 1440p resolution provides a clear photo. If you require a bigger display, check out the larger variation, the AOC CQ32G1.

It has an excellent reaction time to the optimum freshen price. When the action time is readied to “Ft”, several of the dark shifts have overshot, however the activity is evident. With the other setups enabled, there are a couple of ghosts as well as artifacts, yet less noticeable.

Incredible refresh price. It supports FreeSynch’s variable refresh rate innovation to lower game rips, yet sadly, it’s not suitable with G-SYNC. The optimum freshen price of 144 Hz can not be overclocked as well as the RRV variety can drop to 20 Hz.

The AOC CQ27G1 has a very reduced entry delay. It’s slower when variable refresh prices are enabled, yet it constantly responds rapidly to actions. It will certainly additionally be slow-moving if the refresh regularity is 60Hz (typical) and the input lag is still very reduced.

As with a lot of VA panel screens, the AOC CQ27G1 has a very good comparison ratio. Blacks appear as if they were seen at night.

Sadly, there is no local gradient function that strengthens blacks.

Like a lot of VA screens, the straight viewing angle is frustrating with the AOC CQ27G1. When seen from the side, the precision of the photo is shed.
Poor upright watching angle. If you are resting near the monitor, the sides of the screen will be dark.

Outstanding uniformity of grey. The sides of the screen are a little bit dark, yet this isn’t really obvious. There is no noticeable filthy display impact, so scenic shots and also fast-moving objects will be really stunning, like sporting activities.

The color accuracy goes over. Many colors are shown properly, yet some colors are tones of blue because the shade temperature level is cooler than the 6500K target. In general, the gamma contour complies with the target well, yet dark scenes are darker than they must be and also light scenes are more clear.
Exceptional series of SDR shades. It covers almost all of the sRVB shade area made use of for the majority of content and also mainly covers the Adobe RGB shade room utilized for picture modifying.


Below the lower bezel are five switches for browsing the on-screen menu.

2 HDMI and also USB/ usb-c not supported


  • Very good contrast ratio.
  • Impressive color accuracy.
  • Very low input leg.


  • This monitor doesn’t support HDR.
  • The view angle is incorrect.

Bottom Line:

A suitable monitor for mixed use. Gamers will value FreeSync support for an almost tearless gaming experience, as well as really reduced entry times as well as remarkable reaction times. The 27-inch screen allows sufficient for performance, but the checking out angle is poor. It’s a decent monitor for seeing video clips and retouching images since it presents a wide variety of colors as well as has great color precision from the packaging, yet it doesn’t sustain HDR material. The comparison ratio is excellent in dark and also brilliant areas. It’s not very bright, yet it has an excellent capacity to assume.

The TUF Pc Gaming VG27WQ1B is a 27-inch WQHD (2560×1440) present with a bent form and also an ultra-fast 165Hz revitalize rate created for specialist gamers and any person trying to find extreme gameplay. These are some severe specifications, however they’re likewise not the most exciting ones the VG27WQ1B has in stock.

Its striking curved screen features a 165 Hz refresh price and also Adaptive-Sync (FreeSync Premium) technology, enabling extremely smooth gameplay without tearing or stuttering.


TUF Pc gaming VG27WQ1B includes an ergonomically designed setting with tilt and also turning abilities to make it less complicated to find your perfect watching placement. The display screen is additionally VESA compatible for wall placing.

Performance & Features:

The TUF Gaming VG27WQ1B’s 27-inch WQHD panel (2560 x 1440) offers spectacular images from all angles with a 1500R curvature that ensures that all points go to the exact same distance from your eyes. This adds to greater aesthetic comfort, despite longer usage, reducing distortion and color changes when playing as well as enjoying movies, as well as enhancing the viewing angle.

The Tuf Pc Gaming VG27WQ1B 165Hz * upgrade price quotes delays as well as motion blur to make the most of first-person shooters, racers, real-time techniques, as well as sporting activities titles. Thanks to this ultra-fast refresh price, you can play with the most effective aesthetic setups and respond instantly to what you see on the screen-you land your very first hit.

Multi HDR setting
To much better attain the gamer’s vision, TUF Pc gaming VG27WQ1B is compatible with the industry-standard HDR10, which has a vibrant variety with high color and brightness levels that goes beyond the abilities of regular screens.

ASUS Darkness Improvement Innovation enhances the while clearing up the dark locations of the game without overexposing to the intense areas, making it much easier to recognize adversaries hiding in the dark locations of the map.

Built-in GamePlus hotkeys specifically for Asus offer in-game improvements to aid you appreciate your video game much more. This function was created in partnership with contributions from professional players, allowing them to exercise and also improve their playing skills.

ASUS ultra-low blue light innovation minimizes the amount of possibly unsafe blue light released from the display. There are 4 different filter setups readily available to manage the amount of blue light decrease.


The tool is attached to the monitor by means of DisplayPort 1.2 and 2 HDMI 2.0 inputs. With the built-in 2W stereo speakers, you can take pleasure in songs, video clips, and video games without overcharging your workdesk with outside speakers.

Additionally, you can attach your headphones to a 3.5 mm sound jack. Readjust the tilt and rotation of the display to enhance comfort, or mount your monitor on a wall or suitable arm utilizing 100 x 100 mm VESA placing holes.


  • Impressive color accuracy
  • Low Blue Light Technology
  • Incredibly low input delay.
  • Very good contrast ratio.


  • None

Bottom Line:

On the whole, the TUF Pc Gaming VG27AQ has some detailed and also qualitative aspects that other brand-new ASUS as well as TUF products have. They are truly good performers who are subtle, invasive and deal terrific value for cash.

The GIGABYTE G27QC is an inexpensive game monitor. He likewise has numerous resemblances with his big brother, the Gigabyte G32QC, as it has a VA panel with a resolution of 1440p and a refresh price of 165Hz. It reacts well to reflections as well as is intense sufficient to be clearly noticeable in bright atmospheres. The high contrast proportion supplies excellent performance even in dark spaces.

It has quick reaction times that supply clear motion in fast-moving scenes and sustains variable refresh rates to decrease display ripping. Unfortunately, it’s not excellent if you have a narrow watching angle, poor ergonomics, as well as want to share job, material, or play cooperative video games. Likewise, HDR is not extremely brilliant, so the web content of HDR is very little various from SDR.


The Gigabyte G27QC has a basic layout and looks similar to its brother or sister Gigabyte G32QC. The display is curved, which somewhat enhances side visibility, specifically when resting near the screen. It has slim sides on three sides and also a thicker bottom framework. The V-shaped stand supplies stable support, however it occupies a considerable quantity of room on the desk and also supports it.

The GIGABYTE G27QC has bad ergonomics. Only altitude as well as slope adjustments are allowed.

The back is extremely comparable to the Gigabyte G32QC, besides the top, which has a glossy surface area. Likewise, the plastic used on the sides looks thick. At the bottom of the stand is a tiny intermediary for cabling.

The Gigabyte G27QC has a slim edge, making it perfect for multi-monitor settings.

The screen is thick due to the curvature, and also the stand additionally inhabits a considerable quantity of room.

The construction top quality of Gigabyte G27QC is excellent. Similar to the Gigabyte G32QC, it has a strong plastic building that feels secure in general, except for the reduced back, which flexes highly. The plastic that covers the suggestion hinge feels economical, yet it doesn’t seem to impact the joint itself. The tilt and elevation settings feel excellent and also the stand supports the monitor well.

Performance & Features:

The Gigabyte G27QC has a much longer reaction time when dipping into optimal refresh rate. The suggested overdrive setting is “speed”. This offers the very best efficiency, however it introduces some motion artifacts as intense scenes have a little bit of length and slow-moving transitions in dark scenes. The “Image quality” as well as “Equilibrium” options trigger a substantial rise in motion spots.

The feedback time at 60Hz is fantastic. It’s slower than the optimum freshen rate, causing a bit extra movement blur in fast-moving scenes. The very best overdrive setups are different than performing at the greatest refresh rate. At 60Hz, it is advised to utilize the “Equilibrium” setup. This indicates that if you intend to play a video game close to 60fps, you need to alter the settings. The “Image top quality” and also “Speed” choices have sluggish response times, as well as making use of “Rate” has a great deal of overshoots.

The Gigabyte G27QC has outstanding upgrade speeds that supply a smooth and also responsive video gaming experience. It has indigenous cost-free sync support and G-SYNC compatibility. HDMI has a maximum refresh rate of 144 Hz, and G-SYNC just works with a DisplayPort connection.

The Gigabyte G27QC has an extremely reduced access hold-up, your gaming and also desktop computer experience makes it incredibly receptive. If you allow HDR with an HDMI connection, you will only obtain a 12-bit 60Hz signal. As a result, the input delay was 10.3 ms.

The GIGABYTE G27QC’s 27-inch screen is ideal for immersive gaming experiences and provides ample space for multitasking. The 1440p resolution gives high pixel density for sharp images and also message.

Like a lot of VA panels, the Gigabyte G27QC has a high comparison ratio. Black was still a little bit grayish, yet it’s better than a typical IPS or TN panel.

Excellent SDR top illumination. In regular web content, it is much brighter than the top brightness measured making use of the test design, and the monitor might handle the examination design in a different way. Illumination ought to be substantially constant throughout different content as well as sufficient to get rid of glare in bright light problems.

Gigabyte G27QC has average HDR top illumination. It’s brighter with regular web content, yet not brighter than SDRs as well as not bright sufficient to highlight the highlights of HDR web content.

The gray uniformity of the Gigabyte G27QC unit is superb. There are some spots that look dark, however the display has little result. The uniformity is better in dark scenes.

The HDR shade quantity is respectable. The contrast ratio is extremely high, yet it is challenging to show really dark colors. The light blue color that is regular of LCDs is not shown well.

Grade monitoring is excellent. There are just a couple of bands with dark tones of gray. Although this monitor is marketed as having an 8-bit panel, it accepts a 120 Hz 10-bit signal with a DisplayPort link. Reported as a 10-bit panel.


There is just one joystick on the appropriate side of the monitor. You can turn the monitor on and off to browse the on-screen food selections.


  • contrast ratio is perfect.
  • Great resolution and size.
  • Excellent uniformity of gray.
  • High refresh speed.
  • Fast response time.
  • Good reflex management.


  • Poor ergonomics

Bottom Line:

The Gigabyte G27QC is an appropriate monitor for most applications. Exceptional game efficiency with low input delay, rapid feedback time, and also 165 Hz refresh price. Its large display and also high resolution are additionally great for productivity. Nonetheless, because of the narrow watching angle and also inadequate ergonomics, it is difficult to put them in the optimum field of view and also division. Regrettably, it supports HDR, yet it’s not bright sufficient to supply a rewarding HDR experience.

The LG 27GL83A-B is a 1440p IPS monitor with superb pc gaming efficiency. It has remarkable feedback times that provide fast-moving material with nearly no blur tracing as well as supply extremely low input delays for very responsive video game sessions.

In addition, the monitor supports variable refresh rate freesync innovation, is compatible with G-SYNC, and also supplies a practically tear-free pc gaming experience. Unfortunately, this monitor has a low comparison ratio as well as can not display deep black in a dark room, making it improper for evening games. Nevertheless, it is extremely intense, suitable for the majority of spaces, as well as supports HDR, however because setting, it is extremely bright.


The 27GL83A-B is similar to all various other monitors within LG’s Ultra Gear range. It is primarily black, with a red circle on the back, and the base has vast legs. Made as a video game monitor, but perfect for office settings.

The base supports the 27GL83A-B with very little tremor. It has a large footprint and permits you to position small objects in front of your monitor.

However comfort designs. This is mostly because of the failure to turn assistance and also the problem of sharing collaborate with coworkers.

On the back of the display, you will see a red circle like any other UltraGear display. There is a swiftly unlock button and also cable television monitoring is done by means of the clip on the holder.

27GL83A-B is satisfied with the general building top quality. Generally plastic, however without openings or loose sides.

Performance & Features:

The 27GL83A-B reveals the disappointing native comparison ratio you would get out of an IPS monitor. Unfortunately, blacks in dark rooms look gray.

The illumination of the peak of SDR is great. This monitor can conveniently get over glare in a clean room as well as the degree of illumination is wonderful, continues to be unchanged with various other content.

The 27GL83A-B has superb high HDR illumination. High lights do not appear as much as HDR needs.

Excellent horizontal angle of view anticipated from IPS panels. You will not shed image accuracy when you look apart, which is excellent if you require to share your screen for associates or co-op games.

Good HDR shade volume. This monitor is restricted by a low comparison proportion as well as might not present dark and also saturated shades extremely well.

Extraordinary feedback time similar to the 27GL850. The recommended overdrive setting is “quick” due to the fact that the movement is really clear. Dark changes have surpassing, as well as if you care about it, the “Typical” setup has much less overtaking, yet much more motion blur.

The 27GL83A-B has an incredible feedback time at 60 Hz, which is optimal for console games. Unlike the maximum rejuvenate rate, the suggested overdrive setting is “Normal” and you might need to transform it throughout the game. This setting has much less overtaking and less movement blur than the u” rapid” setup, however both job really in a similar way.

The 27GL83A-B has an amazing refresh rate of 144 Hz. It sustains AMD’s FreeSync variable refresh rate and also is licensed as G-SYNC compatible by Nvidia. You can use it with the current NVIDIA graphics cards.

For HDMI, the 27GL83A-B just supports FreeSync up to 100 Hz.

Also when the VRR or HDR function is allowed, the display input delay is substantially minimized. The 60 Hz input lag is still low, however somewhat higher than that of a lot of displays, which is not optimal for console games.

The 27-inch display as well as 1440p resolution encourage multitasking and also can display a lot of your favorite game information.

The screen has just a few additional functions that serve in the video game. It has a “black stabilizer” that changes the gamma in dark scenes to make it much easier to detect objects in shadows. You can also include a virtual crosshair in any kind of video game to lock the on-screen screen.




  • Excellent entry time.
  • Good immediate accuracy.
  • Exceptional response time.


  • Disappointing contrast report and poor black uniformity.

Bottom Line:

The LG 27GL83A-B is a monitor appropriate for almost all applications. It has remarkable low entrance delay which is excellent for exceptional motion monitoring as well as games. Works well in office environments with vast viewing angles as well as high peak illumination. Lastly, resolution and dimension are the best option for anybody seeking a monitor with excellent performance in media and multimedia creation.

A video game that takes you into activity. A film that totally appeals to you. You may forget that it’s a pixel on the screen because the image is crisp. That’s the appeal of the GNV32DB-VIOTEK’s newest 32-inch rounded monitor. From an ultra-fast refresh price of 144 Hz to a much deeper, tighter curvature of the R1500, everything in the GNV32DB adds value to your workspace, office, or video game station while keeping a great deal of cash in your pocket. Is developed to be.

This is a feature-rich monitor that you do not need to enhance to possess it.


To make this video game monitor cost-effective, Viotek had to conserve cash. The high quality of the layout is cheap and the support is tilted by -5/ 15.

Want cozy shades for all-day film screenings? Yes. With VESA, you can quickly place your GNV32DB on a wall or VESA monitor holder to make every space the most effective seat in your house.

Performance & Features:

Do you work from house greater than prior to? Then appreciate a greater refresh rate of 144 Hz and also a narrower curvature of 1500R from the display to supply a much more relaxed and also comfy watching experience. Nonetheless, GNV32DB functions longer and also is much easier to have fun with the eyes, which is not the only means for GNV32DB.

The low-light blue filter enhances the anti-reflection screen that has actually been dealt with to reduce eye strain and also decrease frustrations triggered by long hours of job, extended research study sessions and intense play.

The OSD menu permits you to change the display screen setups to perfectly balance illumination, contrast and detail. Need more precise message for your spread sheet?

The late entrance efficiency of the Viotek GN27DB is outstanding, with essentially unnoticeable 5ms, which is additionally appropriate for expert video games.

It likewise supports AMD FreeSync, which supplies a variable refresh rate (VRR) if you have a compatible graphics card. The Viotek GN27DB’s FreeSync array is 40-144Hz, so as long as your FPS (frames per secondly) remains in this array, there will be no display crevices or stuttering.

FreeSync deals with both DisplayPort and also HDMI, so you can use it on your Xbox One too. It likewise collaborates with DP-compatible NVIDIA cards, however some users have blinking illumination when FreeSync/ G-SYNC is enabled.

This only influences particular units on the display, and brightness flicker is most likely to occur below 40 FPS or when FPS changes considerably.


With three HDMI ports, including a high-speed HDMI 2.0 port, and a maximized DisplayPort (DP), you can attach to the gadget you need and seamlessly integrate your desktop computer monitor into your existing space. Usage as a 2nd monitor.

Establish as an additional laptop computer screen. You can attach your pc gaming console and use the highest resolution Xbox or PS4 monitor at the fastest speeds. (In a recent update, you can take pleasure in the fluidness of AMD FreeSync on your Xbox One S/ X by linking with the HDMI 2.0 port.

The built-in DOUBLE PIP/ PBP port permits you to link to multiple linked tools. One display is readily available and also is optimal for data flow setups. Multitasking is easier as well as more reliable.


  • Bright colors
  • AMD Free Sync up to 144Hz
  • Great value for money
  • Contrast ratio and high pixel density


  • Low peak brightness
  • Ghost moderation in high speed games, especially in dark scenes
  • Reclining stand only

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a cost effective 27 “1440p 144Hz video game monitor as well as don’t want a slim viewing angle and also discolored colors from your TN panel, the Viotek GN27DB is your screen.

The ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD is a great 32-inch, 1440p monitor with high top illumination and also a wide seeing angle. It provides AMD’s FreeSync modern technology support as well as a terrific video gaming experience with low input lag, excellent reaction time, and also variable refresh rate to minimize screen crevices, yet it has really couple of added gaming features. I’m waiting.

Unfortunately, the base has inadequate functional designs with a very restricted variety of motion, so it can be challenging to place it in the suitable viewing setting.

Nonetheless, digital photography specialists require to appreciate the exceptional coverage of Adobe’s RGB shade space.


The VX2758-2KP-MHD has a straightforward design that is various from that of the Viewsonic XG2402 and also Viewsonic Elite XG270. It’s generally black with some silver trim on the shelf and also it matches any office or video gaming atmosphere.

The base of the assistance has a small impact, however with a mild shake, it sustains the display well.

Poor comfort designs. Regrettably, the VX2758-2KP has a minimal range of activity, which can make it tough to put it in the suitable watching setting.

The rear of the monitor is smooth and also there is no cable television management. The assistance is geared up with a fast firm system, which is excellent as well as can be installed by VESA.

The edges are very slim on three sides, making it perfect for multi-monitor mounting.

Performance & Features:

Like a lot of IPS screens, the VX2758-2KP-MHD has a low comparison ratio. This offers a black that looks grey, however it is visible in almost dark spaces. If you are seeking a 1440p monitor with a high comparison proportion, take a look at the AOC CQ27G1.

The VX2758-2KP-MHD does not have a local gradation feature. The above video is provided for referral just.

High peak brightness. The VX2758-2KP-MHD can quickly overcome the glow of many areas.

VX2758-2KP-MHD has exceptional grey uniformity. The sides of the screen are a little bit dark, but this isn’t very recognizable for many content.

This monitor has decent color accuracy right out of the plan. Many scenes show up at the appropriate brightness level, yet there are noticeable inaccuracies in all colors and tones of gray. If you like saturated colors, that’s great, yet it’s not about depending on a certain color.

After calibration, the precision is outstanding, without visible mistakes in grey shades as well as shades.

The feedback time is excellent and also is regular on a 144 Hz monitor. The advised overdrive setting is “ultra-fast” because it has the fastest action times and the clearest activities, but a lot of transitions always have an overshoot. If that troubles you, the “sophisticated” setting has much less overtaking, but there is a bit of motion blur.

Remedy the action time at 60 Hz. Unlike the optimum freshen price, the recommended overdrive setup is “common” as well as you might need to alter it throughout the video game. This setting has significantly much less excess than the “sophisticated” as well as “ultra-fast” criteria, however the activity stays unknown.

Technically, this monitor has a low backlight and also it shines at very high frequencies, so it’s not flicker-free, but this isn’t obvious.

The black picture insertion function is called 1ms setting. It enhances the appearance of activity but can double or triple the impact on fast-moving items.

This monitor has an outstanding refresh price, which sustains AMD’s FreeSync variable freshen rate innovation and provides a practically tearless video gaming experience. It’s not officially sustained, yet it likewise functions when connected to a contemporary NVIDIA G-SYNC graphics card through DisplayPort.

Really low entry time, giving you a responsive gaming experience. When the VRR is activated, the lag is a little bit greater, yet it requires to attract the console player and remains reduced at 60 Hz.

The 27-inch, 1440p display screen is ideal for multitasking, making it easy to see details of your preferred games.


In terms of connection, 3.5 mm noise, 2 HDMIs and 2 DisplayPorts are likewise well looked after. This gives you the flexibility to link to several PCs, at least to various other devices.


  • It has better black uniformity than most monitors.
  • Exceptional color range.
  • Excellent response time and low input lag.


  • This monitor doesn’t support HDR.

Bottom Line: 

The ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD is a monitor suitable for most applications. Greater height brightness and excellent viewing angle, ideal for the majority of offices. It gives an excellent gaming experience, but it doesn’t support HDR. This monitor is good for multimedia and also media creation, but it’s not beautiful in a dark room and the medium has a minimal variety of activity.

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How to Pick The Best 1440p 144hz Monitor Under 300 | Ultimate Buyers’ Guide

When picking a monitor to play at this cost point, there are several points to take into consideration. We have actually already looked at the most vital attributes and also requirements of each monitor, so right here’s a quick review.

The video above can offer you a basic idea of the clearness as well as level of smoothness of motion at various refresh prices as well as structures.

As a whole, clearness of activity is significantly improved when switching over from 60Hz/ 75Hz to 144Hz. To maximize this you’ll additionally require to maintain ~ 144FPS.

The jump from 144Hz to 240Hz isn’t as recognizable as the jump from 60Hz to 144Hz, however the distinction is certainly there. If you are a competitive player and also play low-demanding eSports video games while you can maintain ~ 240FPS, 240Hz is for you.


You have actually most likely observed that a lot of the video gaming monitors on the listing included the AMD FreeSync function. This technology permits those with compatible graphics cards to trigger a variable refresh rate that eliminates screen tearing and also stammering in the dynamic variety.

What about NVIDIA users?

NVIDIA’s variable refresh price innovation is called G-SYNC, and unlike FreeSync which is totally free, it includes royalty to the rate of the monitor. So you won’t discover any kind of G-SYNC checks in this cost variety, as the cheapest one will cost you around $ 400.

Since January 2019, G-SYNC likewise works with FreeSync screens. Nevertheless, just more recent NVIDIA graphics cards with DisplayPort 1.2 a support it, and not all FreeSync keeps an eye on do equally well with G-SYNC. Discover more regarding FreeSync keeps an eye on compatible with G-SYNC.

TN vs IPS vs VA

Additionally, IPS panels provide large watching angles of 178 degrees, rapid response time and also precise colors. TN panels, on the other hand, have narrow checking out angles and inferior colors. So choose a monitor with a TN panel just if you desire the most effective action speed for minimal ghosting in quick video games.

Finally, VA panels have the best contrast ratio for the deepest blacks in addition to an exceptional relationship in between the lightest and darkest shades. If you want a screen with true blacks, nonetheless, you will need to manage some activity blur in busy video games.

Ultra-wide vs widescreen

If any one of the ultra-wide displays caught your eye, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. First, make sure that the computer game you play the most sustain ultra-wide 21: 9, otherwise you will certainly be playing with black approach the sides or a stretched photo.

Ultra-wide displays are fantastic for enjoying movies because the 21: 9 aspect proportion is closer to the indigenous film element ratio (2.39: 1). Finally, the extra straight space makes it possible to surf the internet, work, multitask, as well as other much more enjoyable daily activities.

What is the best 1440p 144hz monitor?

All the above models are outclassed 1440p 144hz monitors, you can choose according to your need.

What’s better 1440p or 144hz?

If you require to pick in between a higher resolution as well as a greater refresh rate, the choice is figured out by the type of video game you are playing and the sort of computer hardware you are making use of.

For less requiring eSports titles, performance boosts at a frequency of 144 Hz, and aesthetic making of graphics-oriented games at a regularity of 1440p.

Thankfully, today you can obtain 1440p as well as 144Hz pc gaming keeps an eye on at a budget-friendly cost.

1080p vs 1440p vs 4K Which is better ?

Unless you have a truly powerful computer system, we don’t recommend obtaining a 4K monitor for video gaming. It’s just as well requiring, as well as you’ll likely wind up reducing the image setups to get a higher frame price, which defeats the purpose of high resolution.

When it comes to 1080p 144Hz vs. 1440p 60Hz, it just depends on the kind of game you’re playing. For first-person shooters like CS: GO as well as Overwatch, a 144Hz monitor is an evident selection as well as if you’re playing more graphics-oriented video games, go with 1440p.

If you play a lot more graphics video games, go for the 1440p. Since you can get a 1440p 144Hz monitor in this rate array as well, consider this the ideal mid-range choice. You can play undemanding titles as much as 144Hz at 1440p while enjoying crisp graphics at 1440p and also ~ 60FPS.

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