BenQ XL2411Z Review – Best 144 hz Monitor overall

We had a difficult time choosing between the wealth of decent 144 hz monitors out there. So much choice. Whilst this asus 144hz monitor  was clearly worth an award, even though it’s similarly priced, we just feel for that little extra cash, The BenQ XL2411Z just pips it in terms of overall quality.

The XL2411Z is an amazing FPS gaming monitor. With good looks, great features and geared solely towards gamers , our BenQ XL2411Z Review will show you this screen will leave you wanting for nothing.

Technical attributes

This is a serious looking piece of kit. And rightly so, as it has the tech to back up the look. The 1080p native resolution on a TN panel makes pictures come to life, provided you have set up the settings with the function keys, and gives you a fantastic gaming experience.

The BenQ XL2411Z doesn’t have great viewing angles, as with all other TN panel displays but when seated in front of the monitor it really doesn’t matter.

This 3D Monitor also sports a 144Mz refresh rate and a 1ms response time so no ghosting and no image lag is assured.

Design, features and connections

First off, this is a simple design. But the monitor definitely has a certain stylishness. Its plain black finish gives it a business-on-the-outside look. The border of the screen is fairly thin, with a simple BenQ logo located on the bottom left of the monitor and the function buttons on the bottom right.

The buttons are easy to access and don’t feel like they might break the first time you touch them. You can easily press them firmly without the monitor feeling like it is going to fall over. This is thanks to the solid base.

The base has a built-in swivel which allows for left and right adjustability, with a telescopic arm attaching the base to the screen. This allows for an easy adjustment just in case you do not feel like moving the 13.2 pounds every time you want to get comfortable. The screen also has a tilt-and-turn feature so you can tilt or change the display to portrait if the need arises.

It would have been nice to see this monitor come with VESA mounting holes, but with all the different positions you can adjust the monitor to, it would be redundant.

With regards to features, I must admit that the default FPS1 setting the display comes with is less than desirable. The colours are flat and it feels like you are looking at a screen from the 90’s. However, this is not the end of the world, as you are able to customize all of the display settings that completely change every aspect of the picture quality. After a few tweaks, you will have the perfect picture in no time.

Not only is this the best Benq 144hz monitor, but even though it’s a fairly cheap screen, it even supports nVidia 3D vision but this will require an external 3D engine and glasses. It would have been nice to have the engine built-in but one important thing to look at is this is not an overly expensive monitor for such strong tech , so an additional $200 for the nVidia 3D kit won’t break the bank.

The monitor also has BenQ’s excellent black eQualizer which really brings the darker side to light when gaming. With this feature, you won’t miss a single opponent lurking in the shadows. It also has a motion blur reduction feature that helps in fast-paced games like car racing games. And for gamers that spend endless hours behind the monitor, it has Flicker Free and Low Blue light features that will help keep your eyes from straining. All in all, it is definitely suited and geared towards FPS, RTS and MOBA gamers.

The monitor comes with BenQ’s 4 year onsite pickup warranty and ships with a dual link DVI cable and VGA cable. The monitor doesn’t support a display port and doesn’t have built in speakers, but as most gamers use headsets or dedicated speakers this is not an issue.

Final analysis

Our BenQ XL2411Z Review shows that this has to be one of the best gaming monitors on the market overall. It is affordable and has all the great features you want in a modern display. It has a fantastic warranty and comes with everything you could need in the box. The lack of display ports is a pity, but it shouldn’t affect your decision.

With full 1080p resolution and a 1ms response time it will keep any gamer happy.

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