BenQ RL2755HM Review - Best Console Gaming Monitor Under $300
Great looks, great features, great gameplay. Very solid and worthy winner
Gaming Performance8.8
Color Accuracy8.9
Grey Scale8.8
Viewing Angles8
Value for Money9.5
  • Built specifically for Console gaming
  • 27" screen and good for gaming at sub $300 price. Great Deal
  • Looks fantastic switched on or off!
  • TN Panel - so poor viewing angles
  • would have liked to see this as a 144hz but thats not going to happen at this price
8.9Overall Score

OK, this is the real deal.  You just get so much bang for your buck with this Benq RL2755HM gaming monitor – we just had to give it one of our top awards. This is a fantastic low lag display with superb low latency scores. Absolutely deserves to win the best console gaming monitor of 2016 award.

Check out our BenQ RL2755HM review:

Noticing a gap in the market , BenQ has released a display that not only supports console, it’s actually built for it, dubbing it the console companion. That being said, it is definitely something pc gamers could look at as none of the aspects that make it good for consoles reduces it’s ability as a PC gamer. It supports both console and PC equally well.

Technical Attributes

Performance wise the 27″ BenQ RL2755HM has everything you would need in a gaming monitor. With an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a native resolution of 1920×1080 it is a decent full HD display. Unlike most modern monitors that are IPS displays, this is a TN panel. Most TN panel displays have poor colours and viewing angels, however this display is vibrant and has great viewing angles with a 280 nits brightness level it will give you great viewing pleasure night or day.

BenQ RL2755HM Gaming Monitor Under $300 SIDEIt has a low input lag time, a 1ms response time and a low latency so there is no frame shuddering and no ghost frames.

The display also comes with various presets. While most of them will not be used the standard pre-sets are fantastic that allow you to change brightness and other options at a touch of a button. It has a great feature called Color Vibrance that lets you change the display colors easily to suit your personal preferences. And when you find yourself in a dark alley in gameplay, the display equalizes the black areas to make them more visible so you are able to see everything all the time.

Unfortunately the refresh rate is only 60Hz. We would have loved to have seen this display with a 144Hz refresh rate to compete with other displays in this class but you can’t have everything for this price.

Connectivity, Design and Features

The RL2755HM looks and feels like it belongs wherever you deem fit to place it. It takes up very little space.

The build quality is good and the stand keeps the display firmly placed. However it is rather primitive with only a tilt function and no swivel, Pivot or even height adjustment. It would have been nice to see this however when looking at its primary function of being a display for consoles you wouldn’t really need those features when sitting directly in front of the display. Whilst it has been designed with consoles in mind, it really does perform equally well as a PC monitor too and so should not be thought of as just a console gaming monitor.

As mentioned, this display has a few features that gamers would appreciate. The base of the stand is not just for looks but actually is a holder for your controller. The finish keeps the controllers from slipping off and it hooks nicely on the back of the control and there is sufficient space to store two controllers.BenQ RL2755HM Gaming Monitor Under $300 BACK

The next feature is a handy headphone holder. At the back of the display is a stand that can be pulled down and allows you to hang your head phones at the back.

It comes with a non-removable cable holder which keeps all your cables neatly bundled round the back.

With regards to connectivity, it comes with 2 x HDMI ports, a DVI port and a D-Sub port. It has built in stereo speakers that although are not earth shattering are sufficient to play games off provided you are situated fairly close to the screen.

Final analysis

All things considered in the BenQ RL2755HM review, this is a great 27-inch gaming monitor for under $300. Although it only runs at a 60Hz refresh rate it does make up for it in terms of functionality with its controller holder, Headset holder and multiple inputs that allow for any platform of gaming to be used. Couple that with a 1080p TN display and a 1ms response time, you have a gaming display that will capture your attention and make for a great gaming experience.

Even though the stand lacks additional movement and you are unable to adjust it, that can easily be overcome with a multi pivot arm that is easily available and can since the display is mountable will correct that issue.

If you find that you have both pc and console and are looking for a fast gaming monitor this is definitely something you should look at as you can connect both platforms to one display.