Asus VG248QE Review - Best Budget 144hz Monitor
Fantastic bang for your buck. Great spec and features for the price
Gaming Performance9.6
Color Accuracy8.3
Grey Scale8.8
Viewing Angles8
Value for Money9.7
  • 1ms response time and a 144Hertz refresh rate make it fantastic for gaming
  • Mounted on a telescopic arm that can bend and contort to practically any position desired
  • Great spec for the money. Unrivaled
  • Not the best viewing angles
  • It's a TN screen, so colors not quite as crisp as on an IPS
9.1Overall Score

This is the most well established Asus 144hz monitor and also in our minds, still the best value hardcore gaming displays money can buy today. With a 1920 x 1080 monitor resolution and a 1ms response rate, this screen takes some beating in its price bracket. The Asus VG248QE has been around for a while, but it still performs remarkably well and has gone through several price reductions since it’s first release now. Continue reading our  Asus VG248QE review below to find out why this monitor still takes some beating in this price band.

ASUS VG248QE budget 144hz monitor side

Technical Attributes

When it comes to what matters most, the Asus VG248QE definitely is not just a pretty thing. Despite this monitor being three years old already it definitely still has the edge. The display boasts a 1ms response time and a 144Hertz refresh rate, which gives you a perfectly smooth image. This applies to the latest games and to Blue-Ray movies.

There are no lags or ghost frames, which gives you an excellent gaming experience. With the low lag time of 13ms coupled with the 1ms response time (GTG) there is also zero blur on high resolutions. So when it comes to the performance, the VG248QE definitely ticked all the correct boxes to reign supreme in this catagory.

Despite this being a TN panel and not an IPS panel which most new displays are equipped with, it manages to still offer great colour compared to older Asus 144hz TN monitors.

The only other area that this display falls short on is different viewing angles. TN models have always suffered from this it will require some setting adjustment. With the preset options you can adjust the brightness, contrast, colour saturation and other display option. The display doesn’t offer a crisp clear image from any other angle aside from being seated directly in front of it.

Perhaps the one area where this display does fall short is the colours and the lack of a built-in 3D engine. The monitor is 3D capable, but you will need to purchase an additional 3D kit in order to make this possible. These are readily available and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. However, it would have been nice to see a 3D engine built into the display.

All of this is fairly unimportant, as if you are looking for a high performance display at a fantastic price, this is a perfect choice, as it is the best value 144Hz TN monitor in its price range.

ASUS VG248QE Monitor back

Connectivity, Design and Features

Black is always stylish and goes with any setup. Asus have kept the simple yet stylish colour scheme throughout this display, with a glossy black colour scheme. It has a low profile bezel and stand with a round base that is mounted onto a telescopic arm, which allows for height adjustment. It also has a swivel mechanism to make adjusting the angle easy and quick and the display can be rotated through 90 degrees. This ergonomic design makes gameplay easy and comfortable, especially when posture is thrown to the wind after an intense LANing session and you are looking at sinking into your seat.

With regards to the display ports, it has three options which include HDMI, Dual link DVI and a Display Port. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any analogue display ports or any USB ports.

The function buttons are easy to access and are located on the lower right hand side of the display. Essentially they act as hotkeys that allow you to quickly change things like your picture presets and it even has a handy feature called GamePlus ,which displays a scope for aiming at your targets. It also has a game timer.

The display also comes equipped with a set of 2Watt stereo speakers. They are definitely not going to replace your surround sound or gaming headset up, but they will enable you to watch a movie or listen to some tunes.

From factory, the Asus VG248QE comes with a dual link DVI cable, audio cable and the power cable. Should you be looking at additional cables, like a display port cable or HDMI, these will need to be purchased separately.

Final analysis

The Asus VG248QE offers a great looking display that can be lifted, turned and adjusted in just about any way you would want. It is wall mountable and you can even purchase a single stand for a dual monitor setup. The display is covered by a three year warranty which covers parts, labour and the backlight.

It has the technology to back up the looks. In this price bracket, as our Asus VG248QE review plainly shows, this is the best priced monitors with these specs on the market. The display improves your gaming no end and will keep your games and Blue-Ray movies looking crisp and lag free.