Acer XG270HU Review

Acer XG270HU Review – Best Freesync Monitor 2020 Great picture quality AND gaming ability. Not many monitors can better this for the priceGaming Performance9.5Color Accuracy9.6Grey Scale9.6Features9.3Viewing angles7.8Value for Money9Positives

  • Colour and Grey scale are incredible
  • Good Gaming performance
  • Lot of features for the money


  • Can’t be mounted on the wall
  • could feel more sturdy with a larger base

2016-05-169.1Overall Score

Before we begin our review of the Acer XG270HU, we need to clarify that we won’t be explaining any of the technical jargon like ‘WQHD‘ , ‘freesync‘ or ‘g-sync monitor‘ at any length in the review itself. Head on over to our blog to get a better understanding of these terms.

In our minds, if you’re looking for a 2560 x 1440 display, then the Acer XG270HU is one of the best value gaming monitors because it utilizes freesync better than most others we have found thus far and at the best price.

If you are a pro FPS player that needs quick response time with a high refresh rate, generally you are forced to spend a lot of money just to have the basics. Also if you have ever experienced screen tearing mid game, you will be familiar with the frustration that comes with that awful line cutting across your display.

Generally turning on G-Sync can help but unless you have a high end system you are going to struggle. Both NVidia and AMD have added an adaptive refreshing technology that solves the issue while still preserves frame rates built into their display cards. However you still need a display that supports it. Introducing the 27” WQHD Acer XG270HU monitor. This display works with AMD’s Free Sync that is built into their display cards to give you the ultimate gaming experience.

Technical Attributes


This is a 27-inch 1440p monitor with a native resolution of 2560×1440 with a 16:9 aspect ratio. This display runs up to 144hz with Free Sync enabled. Input lag time is a low 5ms with a 1ms pixel response time. In short this display has absolutely everything you could want in a high performance gaming monitor.

As you know, many pro gamers believe TN panels are always at a constant disadvantage when compared to IPS screens these days for a varity of reasons. That being said this model definitely still provides something most IPS displays fail to keep up with – namely, great colour and blacker blacks. We were blown away by the color quality of this unit. Yes, it lacks different viewing angels I don’t see how this would affect your gameplay being seated in front of the display.

Connectivity, Design and Features

The display looks amazing and classy, however the materials used for the finish do leave you wanting more as they can make the display feel like it was poorly made. That being said a large display really shouldn’t be moved and picked up constantly. If you are very concerned about the feel and you move around then perhaps a smaller display would be better suited.

The display only has a tilt function. It would have been nice to see more movement from this monitor however if you are looking to spend an additional $200 you can get the XF270 which has the pivot, rotate and adjustable height function, but this seems rather excessive especially if you are going to be seated directly in front of the screen.

Acer XG270HU back freesync monitor

The base of the unit could have been slightly larger to make the monitor feel sturdier however this is not super important. Another feature we would have liked to have seen is some kind of cable management clip. The lack of cable management is not the end of the world especially considering this one of the cheapest 27” WQHD monitors on the market and the issues can simply be fixed by a cable tie.

The XG270HU features an HDMI, Display-port and DVI for video and has an audio-in and headphone out jack at the back. The position of the ports might take some time to get used to. It may have been easier to have them located at the bottom of the display however after some time you won’t even notice it.
It has a set of stereo speakers built in. As we know, the speakers on most monitors are definitely not something to brag about but they do serve their purpose and the Acer XG270HU is no exception to the rule.

Unfortunately the Acer XG270HU doesn’t have any VSA mounting holes.

Acer finally broke the trend and decided to give more than just a single cable with the display from factory. Not only do you get the DVI cable, but if your display card supports it, you get a Display-port cable too along with the power cords etc.

Final analysis

From reading our Acer XG270HU Review, I think you’ll agree that overall this monitor is definitely one of the best WQHD monitors in its price range due to the 144Hz refresh rate, 1 ms response time, 1440p resolution and coupled with great styling and a display that is great to look at. With AMD Free Sync, screen tearing will be a thing of the past regardless of how fast things might be passing you by.

And even though it is a TN panel it still gives excellent picture quality at a very affordable price and comes with a three year warranty as standard. Overall this is definitely the best Free Sync monitor available in this price bracket.

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