Acer R240HY Review


  • Great picture quality for the price
  • Superb value for money
  • Eye protection and flicker free tech is great


  • Not the best screen for pro gamers
  • Bit plasticy, but for less than $200 you can’t really complain


It was hard work finding a winner for our best IPS Monitor award. There are a number of really decent displays in this category at the moment, but in our Acer R240HY review, we found it’s performance would really hold it’s own in the under $300 category, let alone for the gaming monitor under $200 category.

Before we head on into the review, for any of you out there still wondering ‘what is IPS’?, please head on over to our blog post on the subject: What is an IPS Monitor. So, without further ado, onto:

The Acer R240HY review

Most people looking at budget IPS Displays are really looking for an all-rounder and not just a good gaming monitor. Unfortunately, finding all the required features on a sub $200 monitor can be darn right difficult, especially with all the new displays trying to compete in this segment of the market.

However, finding the right unit that can be used for movies, gaming and working on every day without straining your eyes and that is also attractive has now become that much easier.
Enter the new Acer R240HY 24-inch budget IPS monitor. It’s a relatively cheap gaming monitor that has an array of other uses and is definitely one of the better Full HD monitors in its price range. Furthermore, it comes with a three year limited warranty.

Technical Attributes

Acer R240HY side

What good is a monitor that looks good but doesn’t have the performance to back it up? Well this display, despite being less than $200, still has the performance you need.

The IPS Panel allows for multiple viewing angles and has really crisp colours at any time of the day. By far and away better than any other monitor we tested in this price bracket. Acer has a built-in anti-glare feature which helps when viewing during the day. As with all IPS displays, the colors are rich in the center but you do get slight glow around the border of the screen.

The refresh rate is a standard 60Hz with a 4ms response time, which is acceptable as an IPS Monitor. The 23.8-Inch display runs at a native resolution of 1920×1080 and a 16:9 aspect ratio with a 0.2745mm pixel pitch.

The input lag time is not quite up to league gaming standards, but it will be sufficient to play mainstream games without ghost frames and blur appearing.

Connectivity, Design and Features

The word ‘budget’ does come with some drawbacks. This is apparent in the quality of the materials used in the Acer R240HY. As it is a budget monitor, it is made out of a lower quality plastic on the majority of the surround. Although this is not really something you will notice unless you’re handling the display constantly.

The stand, however, is aluminium, which is sturdy and doesn’t make the monitor feel like it is going to fall over. The Acer R240HY has tilt functionality, but that is as far as it goes. It would have been nice to see a swivel or telescopic option added. Although we will point out again that this is a sub-$200 monitor.

Acer R240HY back

Aside from the limited movement and the plastic feel of the surround, it is important to point out that this monitor is really attractive. With Acer’s new Zero Frame design, you have a near borderless screen that looks amazing and even better when running multiple displays. It certainly doesn’t look like a budget display when it’s in operation.

Connectivity to the display is offered via HDMI, VGA and DVI. When connected via the digital inputs there is no difference at the native resolution. You do notice a difference if connected via VGA at high resolution, with slight lag in frame changes. The monitor only comes standard with a VGA cable when purchased. Should you wish to connect via HDMI or DVI, you will need to purchase these separately.

This display also features Acer’s EyeProtection and FlickerFree Technology which allows you hours of usage without damaging or straining your eyes. It also has a built-in blue light filter and low dimming feature. This is great if you are having a gaming session or weekend-long movie marathon.

As for negatives, well the R240HY doesn’t have any built-in speakers, and you are unable to mount the display on a wall unfortunately. It would have been nice to see built-in speakers, as it is aimed at budget users that might not have additional sources of audio.

Final analysis

When looking for a new monitor for your PC or notebook, price always plays a big role. We also want to have a display that looks great and has decent functionality. Looking at our Acer R240HY review, you can see that it falls well into the budget class, but still manages to boast the best overall 1080p IPS display in this price band. With decent connectivity it is a very easy choice. It is also great for a multiple-monitor setup. If you are playing the occasional game and still want to be able to watch movies and work, this is a great choice. If you are a professional gamer you would want to look at something that has a higher refresh rate with a lower lag input time and a quicker response time.

All in all, with multiple input support, great features and performance it is worth calling this the best budget IPS monitor.

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