This site was designed by a couple of guys who share the love of PC Gaming.

Having built numerous setups in our time, we simply love everything to do with gaming…not just playing. The Tech side of it is something that has always thrilled us. That feeling you get when you unbox that new graphics card or you finally finish building your water cooled case and switch it on for the first time – it simply can’t be beat!

But one area of Gaming tech always excited us more than any other. The display holds such a massive key to fully immersing you inside the environment of the game you’re playing. If it weren’t for Monitors ever advancing tech – nothing else would matter. Whats the point in a graphics card capable of displaying jaw dropping imagery if the display itself can’t show it. 

So, it came about that Monitors were what we looked forward to hearing about the most. We’re forever reading about whats to come in the future and what it is that people want most. Without thinking about it much, we realised that many of our gaming friends would come to us for advice on whats worth the money and what is not. That’s when we suddenly thought, hang on a minute! we should make a review site about Monitors. We can help out so many people on choosing the best monitor for their money. Not just that, but we can explain all of the different tech to people in really simple and easy to understand ways. 

And so here we are! Welcome to our site. If there is anything we can do to help, please feel free to drop us a message or get in contact on facebook. If you’re struggling with any decision making – we’d love to help! And remember, if you’re having a hard to understanding some of the terminology surrounding monitors these days, then have a look in our knowledge based blog. You never know, we might have covered it in a article already…and if not, then drop us a line – we’re always on the look out for new things to write about.